Two Weeks in to 2020

This past week has been a comedy of errors, of sorts.  First world problems really, but still funny in their own way.  Several items I ordered during the post holiday sales either arrived, or didn’t.

In one case, the seller skipped out on the order, and never bothered to ship it within two weeks, although it was supposed to be delivered a week ago, so I have a case open to refund my purchase price.  That will happen in a few days.  In another case, Wayfair shipped a decorative pillow that FedEx evidently delivered somewhere ~a mile away from me, going by their GPS driver tracking when I contacted them, and they were not able to recover it to redeliver to me within three days, so Wayfair is sending me a replacement for free.  In another case, I ordered five scented candles from a guy over in Pennsylvania Dutch country, who is a wonderful chandler (fantastic jar candles, with super fast shipping), but two of them arrived with broken jars.  He’s sending me free replacements for those two, including shipping, even though they are still burnable, as long as they’re set in a ceramic cachepot that will collect any remaining loose glass shards or leaking wax.  One last case involved something of which I ordered, and was charged for two, but received three.  The seller told me to keep the extra; it was so inexpensive an item that the postage wasn’t worth returning it.

So, with all that … 2020 is working out well so far.

One thing that is questionable is that my mom wants out of the retirement community in which she lives in a different state, and thinks she wants to move near me, egged on by a cousin of mine whose previous career was in nursing home/retirement community administration.  We checked it out, brought her brochure material, etc.  It’s supposedly a good one, but it’s out in the frickin’ sticks, and there is no way she can get to the community center to get her meals without going outdoors, which she does not want to do in winter.  Also, her bank does not do business in this state, she’d have to get a dozen new doctors and a dentist, and make all new friends if she was ever able to move there.  Her only reason for making us go through the motions is that she wants me back under her thumb.  She likes the floor plans of the apartments, but refuses to walk outside, even across the street to get her meals, so it’s probably a no-go, anyway.  Besides, she couldn’t go grocery shopping within a five mile radius, unless I drove over to pick her up and take her shopping, which is very sparse in that area, anyway.  She still has a car, and drives, but won’t do it more than three blocks from where she currently lives, which really is a good thing, given that she can’t turn her neck very far, to look side to side.

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