A Challenger for State Rep

We got a mailer yesterday from a guy in our legislative district for state representative, who wants to take on the incumbent.  His “Why I’m running” statement is the usual vague gobbledygook about wanting to eliminate corruption, “unreasonable debt,” and “ensure the same opportunities are preserved for our children and grandchildren.”

What would those opportunities be?  To get elected to partake of that corruption?

The guy is maybe in his early-mid 40s, with two girls under the age of 10, judging by the family picture on the mailer.  His career to date is a mish-mash.  He advised Rand Paul for a year or so, then investigated Medicaid fraud in another state.  He moved his young family here from D.C., and opened up a small real estate investing business, does some independent consulting, and writes for local and national publications.  His experience seems all over the map to me.

IMO, real estate investing businesses can be a bit shady.  Some involve using investor money to flip distressed properties; others involve buying up rental properties (mostly apartment buildings), and reeling in investors to become shareholder-type landlords of god-knows-what.

Still, I want to hear him explain more about what he thinks is wrong with our current state rep, who is in the same party.  He’s holding four events in early-mid February, one of which is a mere mile down the road from me at our local pub.  I think I’ll attend.  My other half has a prior commitment that day.  Complimentary buffet-style food and beverage will be provided.  My guess, having eaten supper there many times over the years, is that it’ll be appetizers, salad, mac & cheese, and maybe pizza cut into hors d’oeuvre sized pieces, with nothing alcoholic served, unless we order and pay for a brewski ourselves at the bar.

That’s fine, but that’s not why I intend to go.  I want to find out what this guy’s all about, and why he thinks our current state rep is so awful that he needs to oust her.  There are three ways to RSVP.  Two involve emailing or sending back a postcard via snail mail that wants our name(s), email, phone number, and employer’s name.  Um, NO!  The third option is to show up with the mailer in hand.  That, I can do.  I’ll simply need to take a Sharpie to black out our name and address.  I’m sure that will be sufficient to gain entry, especially since at this point, his primary goal is to gain enough signatures to get his name on the ballot.  There’s no obligation to sign anything, contribute anything to his campaign, or volunteer to do anything for him, although he’d be thrilled to have us do any or all of that.

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