Another Off-Season Sale

I was raised by my “Great Depression Baby” parents to value a good bargain, but not be “penny-wise and pound foolish.”  This is why I might buy Halloween candy on Nov. 1, or Valentine’s Day candy on Feb. 15, for half price, but won’t blow money on something cheap (in more ways than one) just because it’s inexpensive.  Do I need it?  Do I have a use for it?  If it’s not a grocery item, like a fresh whole turkey or chicken marked down to $0.67/pound from $0.99 at Aldi, before its sell-or-freeze-by date, it has to have long term use.  Otherwise, I’ll take a pass on it.

This is why I was thrilled to find a six piece outdoor patio sectional sofa, including cushions, and a thick glass top for the coffee table piece, for almost 70% off.  It got 90%+ five star reviews from over 60 “verified purchasers.”  Evidently, it’s really rock solid sturdy.  I’m sure the reasons it’s such a bargain right now are:  1) it’s January in snow country, and 2) it requires assembly.  The alternatives that caught my eye required no assembly, and were nice sofas, but were not reconfigurable sectionals, didn’t come with the coffee table, and cost nearly twice as much.

I’m really good at assembling furniture.  Why in blazes would I pay another $160 to have it assembled for me upon delivery?  This comes with the hardware and tools necessary to assemble it, so I don’t even have to go rifling through my own tools to find the right wrench sizes.  Assembly won’t even require breaking out one of my power tools.

I would not want a sectional sofa and coffee table inside my house, because it would clash with our antiques, but for the patio, its fine.  It’s more comfortable, and friendlier seating than sitting in opposing chairs around an outdoors dining table, or a picnic table, when we have neighbors over for a cookout.

We still have all the patio furniture my parents gave me after they sold my childhood house, and moved into a retirement community.  All of that is circa 1970-1971.  It’s excellent furniture.  They bought it when they had the previous owners of their house’s rose garden ripped out, replaced it with a patio, and enclosed the screened in porch.  There’s no need to get rid of that furniture.  But, it only takes up one end of our main patio.  This entire sectional, plus coffee table, won’t take up much more space along the wall than the two cord wood rack we have there during winter.  The wood rack gets moved back down to the barn when the weather is warm enough to no longer want fires in the wood burning stove in the living room.

I’m rather excited about this.  Kit furniture isn’t challenging to assemble.  Might take me an hour overall by myself to accomplish, but that’s about it.  I will pay someone professional to disassemble, move, reassemble, and level a three slate top pool table with the felt, pockets, etc. (and I did pay two guys to do that for a very reasonable cost, plus tip), but not something as idiot proof as this.  It’s supposed to be delivered on Friday.  As long as I can catch the delivery person, and ask if he can bring it around back, all will be good.

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