Ozzie and Super Bowl

Poor Ozzie.  Our little lovey dovey 11-12 year old cat has kidney disease.  Per our vets’ (plural, from the same place), he’s now on a Science Diet K/D (kidney disease) formula, and a periodic subcutaneous hydration drip that we administer at home.  He’s also got a mass in his belly that, when x-rayed, was inconclusive for cancer, but at his weight, he’d probably not survive anesthesia to do any surgery to find out.  We’re doing our best for him, and he doesn’t seem ready to give up, yet.  When he is, he will let us know.

As for the Super Bowl, I was surprised that this one was a good game.  Forget the crotch-grabbing and pole dancing halftime show, aimed at a much younger demographic than mine.  The game itself was the first one I’ve seen in years that was a really good game.  I was rooting for KC, mostly because my family roots are in the Midwest, and the Chiefs have never won it, while the Niners have six to their name.

I loved it when KC’s nose tackle made a “snow angel” in the confetti.

As for Ozzie, we will keep him going until he tells us “no mas.”  He’s not there yet.  They will let you know when they’re ready to go.

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