Week Two with Irina

As is typical of Russian Blues, she follows me around, and parks it on my lap in the evening.  When my lap is not available, she’ll park it on the arm of the chair right next to me.  She doesn’t do that with my other half yet; maybe she never will.

The last time I had a lap cat was in the ’90s.  My other cats do not seem to be jealous.  The black one sleeps on the bed with us, and the dilute tortie longhair does too, sometimes.  Irina hasn’t done that, yet, and may never.  Three cats on a bed, wedged between two people depends more upon how the cats get along than the people, although Irina is a cover diver, instead of a top sleeper, so if she burrows in under all the blankets and quilt, the other two cats might not mind.

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