Presents from Irina

I think Irina broke into a bag of Christmas ornaments, because she keeps bringing me “presents” from it.  She’s very attracted to anything covered in gold.  She particularly likes those elastic cords that people often use to decorate homemade scented candles that are gold colored.  Mostly, I don’t throw them out because they look nicer than ordinary rubber bands for a variety of uses, including holding up bloom spikes on orchids, and holding up strings of Christmas lights indoors or outdoors that aren’t placed on conifers.

So far, she has fished out, and brought me six of them.  She drops them by my feet, and looks up at me for approval.  I guess it’s better than the dead birds a former neighbor’s cat named Jaguar used to leave on my front doorstep.  That was Jaguar’s way of saying “Thanks for the catnip, lady!”

The good news is that Irina shows no signs of wanting to eat those elastic string thingies.  She just plays with them for a while, then gives them to me.

Also, she did something this morning that made me chuckle.  You know about cats, and keyboards (or reading material, for that matter).  She walked all over my keyboard, closed a few browser tabs, opened a new blank one, and managed to hit the magic combination to turn on the back lighting on my keyboard not just when I wake up my computer, but whenever I start typing on its keyboard.  Hey, it beats having to turn on the overhead lighting in mid-afternoon when it’s a dreary dark day in winter — on my sun porch, which is on the south side of the house for a very good reason.  Good kitty!

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