Another Horrific Accident

This happened two blocks down the road from me, at the intersection of a local road and a state highway.  These accidents keep happening, one or two per year, and they are not fender-benders.  They are “OMG, did anyone get killed?  Can I help somehow before the EMTs get here?” kind of vehicle crashes.  This time, the victim had to be pulled out the front of a building, and the vehicle.  Prayers up for the driver.

It’s a really bad intersection that crosses at a very acute angle, with buildings in the way that block your view until you nose out a little.  Locals know all about that intersection, but the thru traffic on the highway that doesn’t drive it daily has no clue about that curve before the intersection.  The speed is way too high through there — 25mph on the side street with stop signs, but what used to be 55mph on the highway through there, with a little paint now on the road saying “SLOW  40MPH” is a joke.  If you are going to get hit at that intersection, it’s going to be by someone going highway speed.

2 thoughts on “Another Horrific Accident

  1. Just giving everyone an update if they still read your blog! I’m currently still living in a care center in dumont, Iowa but looking into moving back to my own place now that my health is much improved. It was so bad when I moved in here I couldn’t walk 10 feet to the room down the hall without getting light headed and out of breath. I’ve since lost 40 pounds and gotten my health back!

    BUT right now we’re in quarantine, not allowed to leave our rooms until who the hell knows when even though nobody is sick. Thankfully I have a tablet, cable tv, and diamond painting to keep me from climbing the walls. I’m just bummed I can’t binge watch Netflix as the only tv with it is in a room I can’t go to! At least I have a room to myself too soon roommate to drive me batty, either I didn’t do well with the last two I had.

    • Glad to hear you’re improving, Mel! This lockdown thing thing sucks. I’m in one of the states under lockdown when it really should only apply to a couple of cities. I shall have more on this statewide shutdown thing in a new entry.

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