Lockdown GRRs

We’ve been under lockdown already for more than two weeks, and our lovely governor has extended it until the end of April.  You know what’s going to happen then?  It’ll be “We need two more weeks.  Hang in there, plebes.”  Then, in mid-May, it’ll be “Only two more weeks.  Bear with us.  Please be patient.”  Schools are closed statewide until further notice.  After losing out on booze tax for a few weeks, and reports that booze purchases across the country are up 50%, our governor has decided to allow liquor stores to reopen, which is kind of funny, because I’ve never been in one, even around Christmas or New Year’s to find  a bottle of wine to give as a hostess gift to a neighbor who invites us over for a party, that had more than three other customers at the time.

Also, after a few judges ruled that closing gun stores is unconstitutional, those have been reopened, too, but with some major restrictions.  I don’t actually need a firearm to keep my household safe from intruders, given all the other armaments I own, but I’m glad to see that the state government is no longer pulling a King George III on us.

Civil unrest is going to break out before the end of April, if we’re still under virtual house arrest by then, only allowed to go out to get groceries, pharmacy items, gasoline, hardware items like light bulbs, other things to fix what needs to be fixed around our houses, and booze.

My town is mostly rural.  We don’t have a lot of people who blow their fuses.  But, if this continues much longer, I can’t vouch for anyone else keeping their temper.

On a completely different note, Microsoft decided that my Win10 needed to be upgraded, because it was going to stop supporting it soon.  That was the most painful upgrade I ever had to do on my computers.  One took six hours to download the “new” OS, then another few to install it.  Another took overnight to do the download, then six hours to do the installation.  The one that took longer was the newer, faster box.  And then, the scan I did after that found so many things that got screwed up with the registry and drivers, that it took another half hour to fix those.  Oh, and make Firefox my default browser again, since MS blew that away, and made Edge my default.  Fuck that!

Yeah, I’m going a little stir crazy after spending my time baking oatmeal raisin cookies, two loaves of soda bread with some milk that went sour enough to use as a substitute for buttermilk, and making a couple batches of pizza dough from scratch.  And, I’m not even counting all the batches of stew, and casseroles I’ve made for dinner.


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