We had to bag out on the annual family reunion this year.  I’d made hotel reservations before any of us had heard of SARS-CoV-2.  But, our veterinarian is not allowed to board our dog, per state government edict.  The cats would have been fine left here for five to six days, with clean litter, and plenty of food/water.  Not so the dog.  Since we can’t board him, it put the kibosh on our cross-country trip.  So, I was finally able to cancel our hotel reservations, but it took a bit of figurative teeth pulling.  What sucks is that the email confirmations I received for our cancellations said it might take up to 30 days to refund me.  No cancellation fees this far ahead of time, but still, it’s hundreds of bucks that I’d prefer to be refunded sooner than later.

The word went out to the family.  Chances are good the whole thing will just end up being cancelled this year, rather than rescheduled for July 4th, or Labor Day weekend, anyway.  SARS-CoV-2 is playing Old Harry with everybody’s plans, not just ours.

On another note, I was able to get a gift card from my favorite pub for when it reopens.  Spoke to Jen there (owner’s daughter).  She happens to live nearby, so instead of popping the thing in the mail, she’s going to drop it off in person tomorrow.  She was going to do so today, but couldn’t, so she called to let me know her change of plans.  If she can’t drop it off in person, she will pop it in the mail.

Also, I’m getting a little jazzed about potentially being an outlaw.  Mom is not good with computers, and still can’t figure out email, so she snail mailed me a grocery list.  We have not yet received it.  But, when we do, we’ll go hit an ATM, get some cash, her groceries, and drive an hour to deliver them to her, vicariously.  My car would bottom out, if we have to drive around a roadblock and over a curb to get to her place, but the truck won’t.  It’s not technically illegal to deliver goods to her garage, and call her to let her know they’re there, but it is sort of prohibited in her retirement community for family members to visit, however briefly, even w/o personal contact.

It might be fun to haul out my cowboy hat, wear a goofy looking pair of sunglasses, and a bandana over my face mask.  Think Minnie Mouse meets 1960s western TV show.  If some Karen calls it in to report us, and I get a citation, I’m sure I could get it dismissed with a phone call.  Grocery delivery is a shitload more important than breaking an abitrary rule or two that is not legal in the first place, and is not government imposed.  Yeah, this could be fun.  It beats the crap out of ordering some pears for her from Harry & David.

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