Our favorite local pub was reduced to selling gift cards to survive.  Jen, the owner’s daughter, stopped by this morning to personally deliver the one I called to order yesterday.  She could have popped it in the snail mail, but has a brother who lives in my neighborhood, so she simply offered to deliver it in person on her way to visit him.  I only ordered one for $50, which will cover the cost of a meal for both pf us, including tip, but maybe only half the cost of the next one.  She handed it to me.  Other than that, we “social distanced” from each other.

The good news is that they will reopen, for take-out only, tomorrow.  When they can reopen for business for sit down customers, it’ll be at ~30% capacity.  Also, Jen told me that our favorite waitress will return when they’re allowed to reopen for real.  Jill is the best waitress.  Even when we got a table or booth that wasn’t hers, she’d still stop by to briefly say “hi.”  We’ve been going there for ~a decade, starting a few months after they opened.  Great place, great pub grub, and if a wait staff member isn’t up to snuff, he/she is gone about a month later, because the owners are observant, not because people complain.  My neck of the woods is not filled with Karens.

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