The Three Stooges

In this SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, which is already subsiding, may I present The Three Stooges:

  • Moe = Gov. Cuomo (NY)
  • Curly = Gov. Murphy (NJ)
  • Larry = Gov. Wolf (PA)

All three issued exucutive orders, which are not law, to mandate that nursing homes, long term care facilities, and hospices take in coronaviris patients, knowing they were not equipped to handle them.  Nearly three months later, they are rescinding their orders?  Was it because they wanted to get old people off the Medicare and Medicaid rolls, or was it because they’re all bumbling incompetents?  Maybe a bit of both?

This infuriates me.

What’s starting to happen is that drug overdose and suicide deaths are catching up with coronavirus deaths.  Financial ruin takes a bigger toll than these politicians, who have never missed a paycheck in their lives, realize.

Related to all this is that I had to be an outlaw this weekend, just to deliver groceries to my mother in another state.  I wore a face mask, but it would have been funnier if I’d dressed up like a wild frontier bandito.  Next time, I’ll show up looking like the Frito Bandito.  It was a good day to be an outlaw, but it might not be, next time.  Spies are there looking for vehicles with out of state plates.

Mom already called me this morning, saying she’d snail mail another grocery list, and bitched me out for not getting two items that she told me not to write down last week because she would put them on her list, but didn’t.  Fine.  Okay, it’s my fault for not writing down what mom told me not to, obedient little servnt that I am.  I want to help, but I live in a different state, so delivering goods to her, even if we already got them the previous evening, is still a half day production, at minimum.  We’re not going to do this forever.  We did this for several years before my father died.

“Keep a tab running for me, and I’ll pay you back,” is what she says.  Sometimes, she does repay me for what I fetch for her, but just as often she doesn’t.  I always give her the receipts for the items i bought for her.  It wasn’t even worth telling her she owed me multiple hundreds for hosting a dinner she organized at a restaurant after my dad’s funeral for family members that she was going to host, then told me to host it instead, and said she’d pay me back.  She never did.  I do not expect to be paid back for these hundreds of dollars worth of groceries and personal care items, either, but it kinda burns when she can afford them more than I can, and I have to run a tab for her, for which my chances of getting repaid are 50:50.


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