This rocks my socks, so to speak.  I finally got through to a live person at my pool company to schedule a pool opening.  It won’t happen before Memorial Day weekend, but it will happen the following Monday.  This makes me really happy.

We’ve had to cancel a family wedding, a family reunion, and a three day mini-vacation, all of which were scheduled during April and May.  Evidently, my pool company got an exemption from the “non-essential” business closures our jackbooted governor has imposed.  Since we can’t go anywhere, except to smuggle in groceries for my mom in an adjacent state, having our pool open is fantastic.  Even before it gets open, I can still don shorts and a t-shirt, and soak up some sun on one of the patios.  At this point, just being able to open the windows, and get some fresh air in here is glorious!  First world problems and small pleasures, right?

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