Patio Furniture Assembly

I ordered a sectional sofa and coffee table set for the patio last winter, just to get the super-discount, even though I knew it would have to sit there in boxes until Spring, when I could assemble it, although I did take inventory of the parts when it arrived to make sure they were all there.  Today, I finally got around to assembling it.  Took me roughly three hours, but I did it by myself with nothing more than an Allen wrench, and took a couple of breaks to cool off from the blazing sun, and get rehydrated.  Despite having parts for which there were no instructions, it was pretty easy to figure out, and more than enough hardware was included to piece it all together.  Not bad, overall, for three corner pieces, two midsection pieces, plus the coffee table.  Half an hour apiece is longer than it usually takes me to assemble a piece of furniture from parts, but it’s acceptable.

Seems like pretty solid stuff.  The cushions, described as tan, have an odd pinkish color to them.  Hopefully, they will bleach in the sun, so that they don’t look just a little “off” against the bright red accent pillows that came with it.  Of course, if the red pillows bleach in the sun, then they’ll fade to pink.  Oh well.

Tomorrow, I’ll tackle the mini fridge that I bought for the pool house.  It’s down there, in its place, but still in its shipping box.  It seems best to cut the box off the fridge with a utility knife than tip it over, slide it out, and put it back upright.  That way I don’t have to wait a couple of days for the lubricant to settle back into place before plugging it in.  I can’t wait until the pool company gets here to open my pool.  I know how to do it, but it’s not a one person job, and I don’t have any of one of the three key chemicals to do it on my own.  Can’t go buy some, either, because of lockdown.

This whole lockdown thing has gone on way longer than necessary.  It’s progressed to our governor becoming a tyrant, and punishing any county that questions him about anything.  At least when our pool opens, I can sort of pretend to have a normal summer season.  We were supposed to be in MN over this weekend for the annual family reunion.  That got canceled.  My second cousin’s wedding got canceled.  Our bird watching shore mini vacation got canceled.  About the only thing we can “plan” at this point is a grocery run.  It sucks the wind right out of the sky.

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