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First off, I have a niece who lives in Minneapolis.  Thankfully, she’s safe.  Still, the rioting, looting, and arson have to be unsettling.  The 3rd precinct cops abandoned their building, and let it get torched.  They let the rioting and looting go on for almost three days, with no response, while tear gassing the people who were actually peacefully protesting.  Then, they cut and ran.  What kind of message does that send?  The Mpls mayor is an even wimpier version of Justin Trudeau.  Where is the leadership in the Twin Cities?

Second, the Clown Coalition™, led by ringleader Gov. Cuomo is breaking up.  Good.  Even the Three Stooges subcommittee of Cuomo (Moe), Murphy (Curly), and Wolf (Larry), are starting to go their separate ways on lockdown rules.  Murphy can run again, so he’s starting to reopen the state, but still persecuting individual business owners.  Wolf can’t run again, and knows his political career is over unless Biden wins in November and taps him for a job, so he’s being a vindictive SOB, especially against counties that refuse to enforce his fiats.  Stuffing COVID-positive patients in nursing homes and assisted living facilities was the dumbest move ever, with predictable consequences.

Third, these perpetually extending lockdowns are ridiculous at this point.  As are the face mask rules.  Even Fauci, the guy who hasn’t been a practicing MD for at least four decades, is on video as saying they’re “symbolic.”  Yeah — they’re symbolic of subjugation.  Other than that, they’re symbolic of virtue signalling, unless you are in a health care setting.

Other than that, I’ve made great inroads on property maintenance.  I don’t fell the dead trees with 2′ diameter trunks, saw them off into 8′ sections, haul off brush, work the log-splitter, sawmill, or chipper/shredder, but I have done an awfully good job of power washing our patios.  The only issue with that is that the Ryobi that has a Honda engine, does not have a throttle, and if you don’t get the choke set just right after starting it, the engine will cut if you let off the pressure on the handle at the business end, to move the engine to do another section, so it’s touchy.  You have to find its “happy place,” to keep working without having to restart it, which also gets tricky if the engine’s not being cold started.  It’s a good machine that generates loads of water pressure, but the engine is touchy.  The good news is that when I get done with a 300 sq. ft. section, the parts that had turned black or gray with grime or mildew are back to being their original light tan color.  The difference is so obvious.

I freed the pool house fridge from its packaging on Tuesday, plugged it in, and it immediately started humming, and cooling.  I’d like to switch the door to open the other direction at some point, given where it’s placed, but it doesn’t really matter, because nothing’s obstructing it.  Maybe I can do that in the Fall, when we shut down the pool, and I unplug it.  For now, it’s fine, and works like a charm.

Lockdown and face mask rules must end.  Some of us have enough trouble breathing in hot and humid weather without the damn things, and with them, the condensation and CO2 that builds up in them, within minutes, makes me breathe really hard.  I can only imagine how awful it must feel for asthmatics or people with COPD.

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