Ryobi and Deck Box

The Ryobi is my power washer.  It has a Honda motor.  It has a choke, but no throttle, and it’s really touchy about running without a rich fuel mix.  Still, I finished power washing the upper patios, and only have the poolside one left to do.  I’d rather have it run rough on me than cut out when I take some pressure off the business end of it, to move it around to do another section.  It has to run rich.

The new deck box arrived today, assembly required.  I’m fine with assembling things.  This came with hardware that you’re supposed to screw or bolt into the pre-drilled holes.  That would have been easy, if they had been pre-drilled.  Two were, but the other 20+ weren’t.  The lid fits on fine to the rest of it, but I should have been able to fit it on with hinges, both fixed, and pneumatic.  It’s big enough to fit all my patio furniture cushions, as expected, but if I have to start measuring and marking holes to drill, it’s not as advertised.

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