Pool Opening

Yes!  I might have been their first appointment of the day.  The two person crew showed up around 8:15 am, and were gone within half an hour.  I didn’t recognize the young guy, but the middle aged woman has been here before, a couple of years ago.  She only comes up to my nose, and is built like a tank, but holy hell, does she have muscles below that blubber.  She moved a really heavy hanging lounge chair out of the way like it was a sack of potatoes.

I had the DE powder and 3″ chlorine tablets, but not the super-concentrated liquid bleach, which they knew ahead of time, so they brought some.  I greeted them, to show them where things were in the pool house, and once the cover was off, got in there myself with the net to skim off the worst of the floating arborvitae debris that had gotten under the cover, and was floating around.  Then I went around the edge of the pool to sweep away more of the same debris that had gotten trapped under the cover, but not in the water.

Some contractors hate it when you watch over their shoulders.  It would creep me out, too.  Still, I think they appreciated my pitching in, without getting in their way.  With any luck, we might be able to swim in it tomorrow evening, but if not, it will be by Wednesday.

It took me most of the afternoon yesterday to power wash the patio surrounding the pool.  Roughly half of it was black with dirt, grime, and mildew, and even the areas that didn’t look so bad turned a different color when I went over them.  Had to refill the gas tank twice to get it all done, but I had to do it before the pool company people arrived this morning.  If I had left the power washing until after the cover was off, who knows how much of that grime would have ended up in the pool?  I still need to power wash the foam floats, but that can be done on the lawn.  The inflatables need to be hand washed with a sponge, and either dilute household bleach, or plain old soapy water.

Guess what?  None of us were wearing face masks.  The nature of the job entailed “social distancing,” anyway, except for when the two of them were driving around in their employer’s truck from job to job.  I doubt they mask up in there, either.  At this point, state government “rules” for being out in public, or around strangers, for conducting ordinary business, are ridiculous.

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