Pool Company Screw Ups

They’re going to get paid when I get the bill, of course, but the two person crew messed up on two things.  First, they forgot to install the ladder at the deep end, so I called customer service, and they sent the crew back to do that.  I took some blame for that, for not specifically showing them where the ladder was stashed over the winter, although it was in plain sight, not hidden.  What I did not realize yesterday, but found out this morning, is that they left the drainage valve on the pump assembly open.  Half the water was gone.  I’m not a “Karen” by nature, so instead of calling to complain, I closed the valve, and ran a garden hose down to the pool, then opened the spigot.  It’s going to take hours to replace the water that was lost.

I’m not too worried about some of the concentrated liquid bleach being lost with the drainage.  The water was pretty clear to begin with, so it’s mostly a matter of vacuuming up the debris and settled small particle sediment, and adding some calcium hypochlorite to make up for the lost bleach.  Still, I can’t do that until the water level is back up to where I can run the circulation pump, which probably won’t be until mid-afternoon.

It’s one of those “just deal with it” scenarios.  Still, it’s a bit of a *facepalm*.  They didn’t notice the valve was still in the open position, and neither did I.

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