R U Kidding Me?

Evidently, the NRA has raised its “Lifetime” membership fee to $1500.  It was only $600 a couple of years ago.  I am a lifetime member, but I joined way back when as one.  Although I own plenty of weapons, not one of them is a technically a firearm.  Crossbows, halberds, katanas, wakizashis, tantos, CO2 pistols, BB guns, etc. are not firearms.  I have all of those.  Heck, even a cricket bat, a santoku, or a 12″ cast iron skillet, which I also have, could do some serious damage, without firing projectiles.  They’re mostly good for close combat.  I simply support 2A, as laid out in our Bill of Rights.

There aren’t a lot of benefits to being an NRA member, in terms of discounts for merchandise from various companies.  I’m not a hunter.  I just do not want my right to bear arms taken away, and handed over to the criminals who pay no attention to laws, anyway.

On another note, our pool is perfectly clear, and good for swimming, or floating around.  My state still has draconian stay-at-home orders, but this makes it somewhat tolerable.

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