Interesting eBay Suggestions

I have several watches.  They’re a mix of TAG Heuer and Seiko.  The Seiko solar ones don’t need batteries, and keep great time, but they’re not the easiest to read when there’s either too much or too little light.  One of my TAGs is a Formula 1 with a silicon (rubbery, anyway, whatever it is) strap.  It’s supposedly watertight to 100 meters.  Twice now, it’s gotten some condensation inside the crystal, that I had to dry out over a silica gel pack.  That did the trick, and it keeps time like a champ, but I suspect the problem is with the back not being screwed on tightly enough, assuming the gasket is still good.

I have other TAGs that don’t have that problem, but they all have stainless steel bands, which turn my wrist a little grey when I sweat in them, outdoors in the blazing sun when it’s hot.  This one with the silicon strap does not do that, so it’s great to wear down by the pool, but if dunking it 5″ into the water causes it to get some condensation inside, I need to get this fixed.  It’s questionable whether my favorite local jeweler is open for business at this point.  Yes, the watch is ~20 years old, but they will fix just about any watch, and this doesn’t have any internal mechanical issues.  They might even fix it for free, but even if they don’t, they can’t possibly charge any more than the $10 they charge for a battery replacement.  It’d be nice to be able to wear it swimming, rather than just riding around on a float.

What this post is really about, though, is what eBay suggested when I bought a bunch of silica gel packs.  Those can be reused, of course, but I only have one at the moment that’s smaller than a bottle cap.  So, I bought a bunch of silica gel packs, and eBay suggested military surplus ammo cans for me, along with ammo cans for shotgun shells.

Um, okay.  Keep your powder dry, I guess.  My “gun” projectiles are solid lead, so the items that fire them aren’t even technically firearms.  They use air or CO2.  Just don’t lick your fingers after loading that ammo.  *shrug*

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