Air Conditioning Fixed

I was looking for estimates from three different places, via Home Advisor, none of which contacted me.  A fourth company called me within minutes, talked to me about the problem, and gave me an estimate.  It was reasonable, so I agreed.  Their original appointment was scheduled for this morning at 8:00.  Yesterday, one of the two owners called me, saying they had an afternoon cancellation, and he could stop by here within an hour, if I agreed.  I did.  He showed up an hour late, but got the annex AC running, with the warning that it needed a new circuit board, and told us that in the meantime, the fan would be on constantly, but the cooling would kick in and out.  It did.  The AC in the main house is on a different system, and works just fine.  For the annex system, he was there for two hours yesterday, but charged me for the one hour I was originally quoted for labor.

As promised, he called again today to give me a price on the circuit board and labor.  It really was quite reasonable, so I agreed, and we set up an appointment for early afternoon, with a half hour window of arrival.  He got here on time, with the part, did the installation and testing, and was gone as soon as I forked over the check.  It was a blower problem, and, evidently a bad circuit board, rather than a condenser failure, so this bill came to nothing like it would have, if it had required a total replacement.

He showed up on time, worked his magic while I “locked” the critters in the main house, tested his handiwork, then gave me the bill, for which I wrote his employer a check.  He’s a good contractor, and quite reasonable, price-wise.

Now, I don’t have to worry about stashing a visiting niece of nephew in the annex, overnight, and having to give them a fan, if the cross breeze though open windows isn’t good enough.  There really aren’t all that many weeks of the year when open windows and fans get the job done.  Not in this part of the country, anyway.  Some of our bedrooms have ceiling fans, but not all of them.

In summary, this company is a good one.

Other than that, we need to get some decent fireworks for July 4th.  I don’t want mortar fired ones.  I just want the kind that sensdup a spark storm for 20′, and make a lot of noise for a few seconds at the end.  There’s a pop-up vendor ~6 miles away that has a much better selection than our local grocery store has.  I need to hit an ATM first, though.

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