2020 Decennial Census

Everything is screwed up, time-wise, for due dates this year.  Income tax, property tax, school tax, driver’s license and car registration renewals, and the decennial census.

We got the mailer months ago about the census.  It’s eight pages long, for those who are stupid enough to fill out the entire form.  The only question required by law that we have to answer is “How many people were living or staying in this house, apartment, or mobile home on April 1, 2020.”  April Fool’s Day does seem appropriate.  You’re an April Fool if you provide answers to any of the other questions about demographic and personal contact information.

So, the form got buried under a pile of other mail, and last week, some census taker came door knocking, so to speak, to do an in-person interview.  I missed the person because I was out back, doing pool maintenance at the time, but my other half intercepted the intruder.  The person got no more information than the number of people living here.  Good.  That’s all the information the Feds need to allocate congressional reps for each state, anyway, which is the entire purpose of the census.

The Census Bureau does send out annual surveys to a small slice of households, which results in the annual CPS (current population survey), but all that data is extrapolated.  I’ve never received one of those mailers.

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