New Rifle

We have ~10 gun shops within a 5 mile radius of us.  The one that has the best reputation for selection happens to be ~4 miles away.  Of course I will have to fill out Form 4473, and wait until it clears, which could take anywhere from 20 minutes to two days.  Then, I can go pick up my firearm, if they have it in stock.  Otherwise, if they have to get in what I want, it could be another four day wait.  Whatever.  I can wait a week.

I’m not looking for a rifle that can take out an elk or a deer at 100 yds.  I just want one one that can pick off rabbits and groundhogs.  Flat points for target practice, and hollow points for business.  The ammo for what I want is relatively cheap.  So’s the rifle.  It can be bolt action, but it should accommodate a magazine that can pack 10.  Not difficult to find.  Might be a little harder to find with a solid wood stock, but so be it.

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