Got It (Woo-Hoo!)

Wow.  There was a line out the door, because the store was only allowing a few customers at a time to enter.  Yes, we all had our muzzles face masks, and the woman who was “manning” the door squirted our hands with sanitizer.  It was ~15 minute wait to get in.  It didn’t take me any longer than five minutes to explain to the salesman what I was after (specified .22 rifle, with no further qualifications), and fill out the paperwork to submit for a background check.  He immediately pulled out exactly what I wanted.  It’s a fucking gorgeous semi-auto Ruger 10/22 with a birch stock.  I’ve fired .22 rifles before; they won’t even bruise my shoulder, let alone knock me back on my ass.  And, the ammo is relatively cheap.  Semi-auto beats the crap out of a bolt action single load, like I was using when I was a kid.

So that they could take other customers, we had to wait out in the parking lot by our vehicle while the background check was being processed, but it still didn’t take any longer than another half hour.  Of course I passed, and came home with it this afternoon.  Because it’s a rifle, there’s no reason to apply for a concealed carry license, and my state does not require a FOID like a handful of states do.  Anyway, my purchase was all on the up and up, and perfectly legal.

The vehicles in the parking lot were an odd mix of luxury cars/SUVs, pickup trucks, sports cars, and big motorcycles,
as opposed to those annoying “crotch rockets.”  The people in front of us in line were a middle-aged couple with their teenage son.  Some guy wearing a Trump t-shirt came out of there while we were waiting on line.  Everyone on line gave a thumbs-up sign.  Judging by the lawn sign ratio around here, and reports from elsewhere in the state, Biden might well lose this state.

FWIW, this was a very pleasant shopping experience.  I was impressed with their efficiency.  Mostly, I wanted this rifle to pick off varmints raiding our various gardens.  An air rifle with hollow point pellets, or even a .22 CO2 pistol, can take out a rabbit — and mine have — but neither one would do the job for a groundhog.  That’s where a real firearm comes in.  This dealer has an excellent reputation for knowledge, selection, and price, all of which are important.  Unfortunately, they were all out of .22 ammo, but do expect to get in another shipment toward the end of next week.  I’ll have to wait to stock up on ammo.  The sight looks pretty good as is, so it shouldn’t take more than a few rounds to get it sighted properly.

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