Sombreuils (OGRs)

I wanted to put in a couple of antique roses that I planted at a previous house, but did not bring with me when I sold the place.  Found them from a place in Texas.  So, I ordered two of them less than a week ago, and received them yesterday.  Sombreuil roses are climbers that bloom profusely in huge white blossoms that have a classic tea rose scent.  They are super thorny, but I don’t care about that.  As they start climbing the arch next spring, the deer will love them, but if I have to fence them in with chicken wire, so be it.  The deer can dine on poison ivy, instead.  And, they will.

Then, tonight, I got another email from the seller, saying that they were processing my order, which could take another three days.  Dafuq?  Alright, I love Sombreuils, but I don’t want four of them, and I don’t want to get double billed.  So, I emailed them back to explain that I had already received my order, etc.  Fingers crossed, although if the screw up doesn’t get corrected, I suppose I can find another spot to plant two more of them.  The thing is, if I’d really wanted two more OGRs, I’d have ordered Reine des Violettes, not more Sombreuils.

I hope this mix-up can get resolved pronto.  I think it was just some computer glitch at their end.  They have such a wonderful selection of antique roses, as well as a good reputation.  Plus, the ones I received look great.

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