In case you’ve never used Nextdoor, it’s basically a modern day version of a local bulletin board service.  Most people use it to find recommendations for contractors, doctors, dentists, report neighborhood crimes, or report suspect business practices.

A couple of days ago, someone reported a super-aggressive corner salesman approaching older women to suck them into his shop to buy $400 face creams.  This happened in a nearby town that gets a lot of day trippers shopping for various things, from antiques to head shop stuff.  The woman who reported this aggressive behavior had her elderly mother in tow, who got sucked into the sales pitch.

Almost everybody who replied said they were familiar with that sort of aggressive sales pitch in big cities, but not around here.  One guy replied that the person doing that was a young handsome man who always dressed nicely, and had never accosted him on the sidewalk, so there’s no way he could possibly be creepy or intimidating to women.  *eye roll*

So, I asked him whether he thought the seller would be less intimidating if he wasn’t so handsome, and dressed so nicely.  Holy hell.  Within two hours the guy shot back four replies at me, each of which screeched louder and louder about how I was sexist for having some sort of problem with him spending $300-$400 on facial creams.  Once the rage-y guy replied, and self-identified as male, I felt comfortable telling him “Dude — chill.”

Never heard from him after that.  I don’t care which way a person swings, but DO NOT make assumptions about what you think I might think about you.  If you get in my face that way, it’s going to be your attitude that annoys me, not the way you swing.

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