Few or No Submissions

This afternoon Mr. Pacione posted on his Goth community at LJ the same submission call for a new anthology that he’s posted in various places over the past few weeks. I’ve seen it posted on DeviantArt on August 26th, as well as Goth on August 25th. I’m sure I’ve seen it elsewhere.

The fact that he made the same submission call twice in the same venue leads me to believe that he has received few, if any, submissions.

On his August 17th WordPress, Mr. Pacione states:

I noticed that a few forums are going around saying Avoid Nickolaus Pacione and Lake Fossil Press like the plague and I am offering larger payouts too as a result of it.

The submission guidelines from August 25th, August 26th, and today offer nothing but a .pdf of the finished anthology. Only in an alternate universe is that paying more than the $25 he paid two authors from TPIV.

On August 10th, in Horror_Writing on LJ, Pacione states:

I just started the first set of payments for Tabloid Purposes IV — Bryan you were first and highway_west was second — you both got paid $25 via paypal.

Yes, a .pdf is worth far more than cash. Consider the postage it costs Pacione to email the files.

Perhaps word of Pacione’s shady practices is spreading. At least he’s no longer charging “reading fees” and requesting the enclosure of additional fees with the floppy or CD-RW “in case the disk gets lost in the mail” to submit a story. No doubt it finally occurred to Pacione that if the disk gets lost in the mail, so does the enclosed money.

4 thoughts on “Few or No Submissions

  1. Not surprised. There’s no way he can justify his behavior or the fact that he struggles to pay his contributors. No one wants the headache.

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