156 Pages of Lies

According to Mr. Pacione, he’s got approximately 156 pages worth of drivel written. I am going by the 500 words-per-page rule of thumb.

An Eye In Shadows is now about 78,000 words and climbing from there.

[. . . ]

I am pleased that I am able to get this far along with the book.

What is his problem with Sabledrake all of a sudden? I’ve never seen him mention her until now.

The fact the fancrapper behind Sabledrake is bragging how she gets fanfiction the rate of the book in two days time.

That makes no sense. Like almost everything Pacione composes, it’s unfinished, and communicates nothing but the fact that he’s angry.

I am proud of where the characters are all mine . . .

That’s what makes An Eye in Shadows fiction. A memoir does not contain a plot, nor “characters.” It consists of memories and the real people who entered into them. It can skip over unpleasant parts (Eleanor Roosevelt left out her hubby’s affairs, for instance, in her memoir), but it cannot contain “characters” and a plot.

This is further proof that Mr. Pacione cannot tell the difference between truth and lies. It’s also proof that his output isn’t as phenomenal as he thinks, even if he bases it on quantity instead of quality.

One hundred fifty six pages isn’t exactly the book of the century. I’d rather re-read a 30-page play by Henrik Ibsen, if it came right down to it. Hedda Gabbler and A Doll’s House are a good start. They’re anti-misogynist.

“The Cherry Orchard” is a good place to start with Anton Chekhov. Granted, he’s bleak, but he gets his point across.

Mr. Pacione, you need to learn to get your point across, instead of spewing unfinished thoughts in your blog entries.

7 thoughts on “156 Pages of Lies

  1. Since he makes specific (if garbled) mention of Sabledrake’s posts here about 70k words not being so much, I have to assume that’s what did it. When he mentioned me a few weeks ago, she did also post once (I think), that he had not ever gone after her. Perhaps he read that too and thought to “correct” his omission.

  2. Sorry, Goldfish–I corrected that as soon as I ran to one of my bookcases in the basement to check. We have way too many bookcases. If half of them are in the basement . . .(sheesh). Gack! There’s a pithy comment for you. o_0

  3. ZOMG wait what? Oh noes! Writing fanfic won’t make me money? It won’t make me famous? I had no idea!


    He just don’t get it, do he? I write that much fanfic in ADDITION to everything else. It’s my hobby and my guilty pleasure, and it’s still better that his ‘professional’ stuff.

    Poor bastard.

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