The Memoir is Out

The cover art for this fictional memoir is every bit as awful as every other cover he’s designed. It’s not easy to be that bad so consistently.

The wait is over for the non-fiction book, An Eye In Shadows. The 235 page print version is available now. And then the other version is available by direct link. The e-book is $16 to detract people from pirating the damn thing.

Why $16 would be a deterrent is beyond me. He’s already sent it to a bunch of people. I’m sure it’s making the rounds as I type.

MacDonald, still want to derail me asshole? This book will expose all the assholes for who they are, including the coward behind the effiminate green mask too. I’ve seen what the asshole did on his blog and he’s nothing but a cyber-bully.

Nickolaus thinks everyone’s a cyber-bully. Because we post about him on our own blogs. That is tantamount to commenting on his, in case you were wondering. We’re not dealing with Earth logic.

As for the Kody Boye thing, I am not going to say anything vicious about him right now but I’ve seen the vicious thing he’s said on the boards. That’s what happens when people get too much power too fast, at such a young age.

Mr. Pacione–Kody’s still in high school. He doesn’t have any power. Most of us would never have heard of him if you hadn’t picked a fight with the kid over his withdrawal of his story from TPIV.

Let a guy make his money on a book or a publication he made instead of going around passing around e-books for free on WildTangent, Napster or all of that shit.

Pacione wants so desperately to believe that his dung heap is worthy of being pirated. Leveling such baseless accusations doesn’t make them come true. He’s got such a sense of entitlement, that if his lousy book doesn’t sell, it’s because people are passing it around the torrent sites. Dungeoneer already proved that to be false.

27 thoughts on “The Memoir is Out

  1. This thing is as riddled with typos and phonetic misspellings as everything else he writes. Even if he’s red/green colorblind, the squiggly lines still show up in gray.

  2. At least the new cover is more in tune with the content of the book. I’m on page 10 now and…wow. If this isn’t homoerotica I’m not sure what is.

  3. I was pissed off I didn’t get a shout out but a story that I didn’t even write did in fact get mentioned. Even though I got this story for FREE via Nicky I still feel ripped off.

  4. I think it’s hilarious that he called Freaking_Idiot “white trash” on page 180. I’m sure that’s news to her. Of course he’s wrong on both counts.

    You know, if Pacione is only 5’6″ and he weighs 190 as he claims, he’s one lard-ass.

    I really need to read it a bit more thoroughly. In a quick skim, I missed that part about him being 5’6″, although I picked up on a few funny gems like his being tripped in a mall by some kid’s sister.

  5. Shadowtron, there was a brief reference to “a Jesus Mask with white cut out eyes,” on page 178 (as he has the pages numbered, or 181 per Adobe). So yes, you did get a mention.

  6. Hell, I thought Nicky exaggerated his height by at least TEN inches. I’ve heard credible rumors that he was only 5’0″, but he’d claim to be 5’10” whenever he was claiming that he could beat anyone’s ass in a fight.

    …forget it. He’s got to be lying about being 5’6″. I still believe he’s shorter than that. In that case, I tower over Nicky by eight inches.

  7. My height at the time in high school was 5’6, dumbasses. Whoever posted a pirated copy of the book needs to be shot in the head or beaten to death. What fucking right do you assholes have in distributing a book that was two years in the making. That book saw two rewrites before the actual book got written and published. I am entitled to get my sales to this book assholes. Velmonturna I hope someone gives you aids you fucking tranny chaser.

  8. Nicky don’t make me break out the bucket of piss.

    Thanks again for sending me your books. I especially liked this part…

    ” Some of them I imagine had to be pretty perverted in some way while
    others I will have to say if written after April 20, 1999, or the current events,
    people would end up kicked out of school. The kind of thing I imagined
    more when they were going there in the mid-1990s, the prankish behavior
    becoming more transgressive. These were the typical behaviors for a twelve or
    thirteen year old at the time. the person who I imagine now who currently acts
    like that at twenty-two years old lives in Munster, Indiana, and if he was going
    to middle school in 1990 – I imagine him getting his ass kicked or being
    shoved in a few lockers just before bleeding to death.”

    Actually Nicky I am 23.


    “The way that little shit who goes around writing stories like that has to be a
    Trustfund Tommy. I imagine the little shit doing lines of blow when he was a
    kid. That was the kind of person I imagine him to be – a little club kid who
    has a speech problem, and I guess he got pounded on a lot too.”

    I never actually wrote a story like that, but I’m still considering it. I’m not a “Trustfund Tommy” but I sure wish I was. I don’t go out to clubs, so I’m not a club kid, and you’ve never heard me speak so how do you know if I have a speech problem or not?

    Oh shit Nicky! I just quoted passages in your book! *gasp* What are you going to do about it?

  9. By the way, Nicky, it’s nice to see that you’ve finally learned that I don’t live in St. Charles anymore, but it was still quite amusing to see the lies you had to make up about me on pages 62 and 68 just to make yourself look better. They were just as hysterical as all of the lies you told about yourself in your high school days to make it look like you weren’t afraid to cuss out those kids who were teasing you. I think you were afraid to tell the real truth about how much time you spent crying in school after being made fun of.

  10. Ah, hell, I just wasted way too much time plowing through a large chunk of Nicky’s so-called memoir. Now I’m even more convinced that the boy has serious mental problems. Review to be posted soon on my blogs.

  11. I haven’t said anything vicious or violent against him at all. So what if I mingle with people on TODP? I went there because a friend said there was a thread over there. Just because I pulled out of his anthology doesn’t mean I’m bashing him.

    And you do make a point about people not knowing about me. See, all of you wouldn’t know anything about me had he not posted a big deal about this. I have nothing against him; I withdrew because I feared for my reputation.

    If he says I have power, he obviously knows that I have a fairly good following of people. I don’t have crazy people around me, at least. I don’t claim to have power and have never claimed to have any power; what’s the point of ranting about me when I warn people about what he does or has done in the past?

    Enough said.

  12. He feels like a fish out of water when he’s not ranting about something or someone.

    Pacione mercilessly hounded a kid by the name of Kyle Kucek a few years ago. I’m glad to see you haven’t had to endure what Kyle did, Kody–and hope you never do. You seem like a really nice guy. And you’re right; I’ve never seen you badmouth Pacione anywhere.

  13. Kody, he’s delusional and he has extended his delusion to include you. I know you have never bad mouthed him. If anything, you have been one of the nicer people to cross Nicky’s path.

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