Fifth Blog Entry in a Day

This from his fifth blog entry today (at MySpace), and refers to TODP.

I think the moderators of that board need to be lined up in a row on the street and shot in the head. Assholes.

Who would be the person to do that? We know Pacione can’t legally carry a firearm. Which hit man will he hire with his SSDI check to perform the execution for him for $25?

Fucking assholes — this is means war the fact that I wrote a non-fiction book is one thing, and the fact it is out there is another, but must you assholes pirate the book without end?

Yes, true to form, Mr. Pacione immediately makes accusations of e-piracy. The book hasn’t even been out for more than a day, and Pacione is already slinging around the accusations. I challenge him to find it on the torrent sites.

I also challenge Mr. Pacione to move beyond high school and write something that is grammatically correct, with no spelling, continuity, and punctuation errors. Nobody’s immune to them, but that’s why proofreaders and editors are useful.

It is acceptable to invent dialog in a fiction piece; it is unacceptable to do so in what is ostensibly a non-fiction memoir. Nobody could possibly remember verbatim an unremarkable conversation from 15 or 16 years ago, with a flight attendant who asks him what he’d like from the drink cart. Such a conversation should not be presented as if it were the real dialog.

I am going to lead a boycott of Brian Keene’s DEAD SEA just because what he did.

Boycotts never work. Just ask the folks at ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX how much damage Donald Wildmon and his American Family Association has done to their respective bottom lines. None. Terry Rakolta has done no damage to network television, either. Boycotts simply don’t work, even if others don’t think the person attempting to lead one is a crackpot.

I am in kill mode you fucking terrorists, what right do you fuckers have to go posting someone’s book on a forum?

At least Mr. Pacione remembered to use a question mark at the end of that sentence. “Kill mode” seems a bit extreme, since he can’t actually harm anyone from granny’s basement while he’s glued to his computer.

The Other Dark Place is a haven of white trash.

“White trash” is his new favorite slur. He uses it on people of all races.

I hope you little fags get a nice little virus with that book. That pirated book came with an installer.

File downloads don’t actually spread colds or the flu. The last time I checked, nearly everyone I know has some good solid anti-virus software, anti-spyware software, and both hardware and software firewalls, so the chances of picking up a software virus are slim indeed.


That says it all, doesn’t it?

At the end of the day, what I really want to know is why he complains that guys were hitting on him in high school.  Even back then, the kids recognized the obvious.

10 thoughts on “Fifth Blog Entry in a Day

  1. Or, if you received the book on your Gmail account, there is a way to read most of the book as an HTML file without actually downloading it to your hard drive and risk having to deal with that virus. I lost probably the last 30 or so pages because the file was so huge, but I skimmed through most of it without a problem.

    Besides, Nicky linked to the virus on his Blogspot, and he didn’t include it with the book.

  2. But… but… the book can’t be pirated! He put the price of the download at $16 and that “detracted” people from doing it! Surely he knows what he’s doing. He’s smart! S-M-R-T smart!

  3. I just read through again and thought I should put a comment in addressed to the alleged virus. If Nicky had done that, then all his ‘legitimate’ readers would have gotten one also and they would have refused to ever buy anything from him again.

    Also putting a virus on something requires that a person know what they are doing.

    Of course we all know that Peaches has absolutely no idea how to do anything. He doesn’t even know how to use spellcheck, so how is he going to know how to put a virus on something?

  4. In all fairness, most Hispanics are white. I didn’t know about the aborigine, but it does show that it’s just a term he’s latched onto that he applies indiscriminately.

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