Call a Waahmbulance

Mr. Pacione has another entry on Blogspot today.  The gist of it is a screed against the folks at TODP, who he blames for passing around e-copies of his memoir.

. . . so right now I am more than pissed, and want to kill someone for doing this shit.

It is never cool to kill someone just because you’re peeved about something.  Eliminating the competition never makes a career flourish.

Do you hear me asshole, I am not a fucking failure.

Is that supposed to be a question?  Of course Mr. Pacione’s a failure.  If his stories were selling, he wouldn’t whine about lost sales all the time.

I was proving a point with that book and my point was proven ten times over with people having a high school mentality when it comes to someone publishing themselves.

The only point that book proves, which is undoubtedly unintentional, is that Pacione himself has never progressed mentally past high school.  One would think that he’d have moved on after thirteen years, but that simply isn’t so.

You assholes stalk the hell out of me to no end.

Obviously, Pacione has a strange concept of what stalking really is.  Nobody’s leaving him nasty comments on his blogs the way he does on this one.  I would hope that nobody’s calling granny’s house.  There are no people sneaking around the bushes, lying in wait.

16 thoughts on “Call a Waahmbulance

  1. I just read it. I got a mention. “Cussedness hope something nasty happens to you within the next six months such as a fucking chest buster.”

    What’s a chest buster? Are you saying, Nicky, that you want to see me in a leather corset? I have a nice collection of whips, spike heeled boots for you to lick, and enormous dildos.

  2. What I admire most about Nicky is his unerring ability to zero in on the trivial, to focus solely on the most mundane details. Talking about reporting him to his hometown police? No comment. Taking his book down from CafePress? No comment. Defining a chest-buster for Cussedness? Ding! He’s right there.

    This inability to see larger details is considered a symptom of schizophrenia, Nickster. You might wanna look into getting your diagnosis re-evaluated.

  3. That definition of chest-buster was disappointing. I was hoping for something kinky. Should have known better, coming from Pacione.

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