Another . . . What?

Mr. Pacione has a second Blogspot entry today. It’s out of context, but would appear to be an excerpt from an email he received. I don’t believe he drafted the quote himself; it’s too coherent.

but, too late. what’s done is done. you have been pirated.

Whether Pacione likes it or not, it’s true. He has been pirated. Yesterday, I predicted the copies would be making the rounds, and they have. However, he makes it a reality by whining that it’ll be pirated before it’s even finished, and ticking off people by bragging ahead of time that it’ll ruin careers. Nobody ever believed that. It’s odd that he sent out copies to people, and when it did get pirated, he failed to realize that it was he who made it easy for those so inclined.

The big bang that Pacione hoped for turned out to make less noise than a champagne cork.

2 thoughts on “Another . . . What?

  1. He brings it on himself. Except for his mention of me today, he’s been afraid to confront me much in public because he always loses. I have practically invited him to come and scream at me. anonymous posting is allowed on my website’s blog.

    Of course that won’t help him any because even if he leaves his name off, his grammar will give him away.

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