Freebies Announced at DeviantArt

Mr. Pacione has been promoting his memoir and TPIV over at DeviantArt.

This is the new book, An Eye In Shadows — you don’t need a account to get this one but I am doing a cool promotion here. This will get you a free copy of Tabloid Purposes IV or one of the other installments pending what I have at the time.

Why is that Mr. Pacione is always screaming about e-piracy and lost sales when he’s giving away his books for free? And why can’t he learn that pending doesn’t mean the same thing as depending?

I am trying to get a few friends together to help me design the givaway item at the event I am signing at — and if you want grab Tabloid Purposes IV that’s also available on right now. The anthology project I am working on right now is going to be the giveaway item at Gothicfest 2007 — and this will be hosted by Scott Savage.

I thought he wasn’t getting submissions for that anthology project; he’s been putting out the call for weeks now. If they were coming in fast and furious, that wouldn’t be necessary.

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