Two Dudgeons?

From Helium, Roy C. writes about himself:

Dr. Dudgeon is the author of Common Ground: Eco-holism & Native American Philosophy and The Pattern Which Connects: Batesonian Holism & Postmodern Science, both of which are now available in 6 X 9, trade paperback editions from Pitch Black Publications, and as ebooks for those of you who wish to save some trees.

And, from MySpace, there’s this bit of info about Roy-Boy’s new book.

Well here it is at last, folks, my brother’s latest philosophical polemic is now available in paperback edition from my very own Pitch Black Publications. The Pattern Which Connects: Batesonian Holism & Postmodern Science is a book that only a hard-core philosophical junky would appreciate. But ya gotta love my bro, Dr. Roy C. Dudgeon, for producing this kind of shit…


Now, the funny thing is that the profile for “Dudgeon – Writer/Editor” lists all the same credits that I’d thought all along were from Roy C. Dudgeon:  Satirica, Phobia, etc.

If there really are two of them, I’m a little confused.  Which one’s the pompous dude who hangs out on the Silverthought forum?  The Dudgeon from MySpace has the usual suspects on his f-list:  Dagstine, Philbin, Cowboy Logic, Horrotica, Purpleverse, etc.

The Lulu storefront for Pitch Black Publications makes it appear that Roy C. Dudgeon is their only author.  If someone has to start a micro-press just to publish his brother’s books, it sort of tells me there isn’t a market for them.

19 thoughts on “Two Dudgeons?

  1. I’m not sure if this helps clarify anything, but the sidebar does link to “my brother the poet’s” MySpace. The comments, if you scroll down, about a Greenpeace article make it pretty clear that I’m not the only person who thinks Roy C. is a pompous ass. These two are my favorites:

    Greenpeace founder now backs nuclear power
    Thu Apr 24, 2008

    * Well, despite your arrogant, condescending attitude, I actually had the patience to do a Google search, and read The Space Review’s review of Moonrush. Sounds like a small press publisher, and like you (and they) need a professional line-editor (like myself).

    Greenpeace founder now backs nuclear power
    Thu Apr 24, 2008

    * Perhaps I will take a look at your book. If you didn’t conduct yourself like a spotty-faced youth still living in your parents’ basement in your style of public debate (swearing at people, and calling anyone who disagrees with you an idiot immediately), I might not have mistaken you for such.


    Daggy is still obsessing that all these people are one person.


    “Bilbo, Boomtown, Nelson, Oak, Carl, Dayz, Jeff, and Johaha. Everyone can be seen and traced from the administrative end. For me, personally, that goes for proxy servers and jealous cunts like you, too.

    You silly little English troll. One in the same person (I’m smiling by the way, while I’m writing this). I’m IN your computer. I see what you DO when nobody is looking. I see what’s in your program file folders…. At the same time, your home address — the SAME address — is sitting in my right-hand browser window. And yes, I was gassing your head when you pretended to be Oak; as a troll you NEVER make more than two spelling errors and you NEVER repeat the words “mature enough”. Saying it twice was your fail. That is a fault in logic and will expose you every time! However, Chuck is my friend and number one fan. How about that for irony? And failure —- AGAIN (how many smackdowns is it, now? Five, six?)

    …That’s why I’m smiling. So wipe your drive, because that’s the only way to erase me.

    Oh, you didn’t know that MR. PRO PERSONA NON GRATA. Look at you, you sad sad pathetic little wannabe. Walking in the shadows, wanting attention, wanting to be somebody that you will never be. Just a punk (now, now, you should be ashamed at your age).

    “I want to be Lawrence,” you say to yourself. “His fiction is mediocre but entertaining. Why does HE get all the fame. What does he have that I lack. What is he doing right that I am doing wrong. Maybe I’ll ask a few editors, or maybe if I get close enough and troll a bit I can be him.”

    *It’s called SKILLS. Something you will never possess.*

    Well, the good news is PHOBIA Magazine will be stocked at various retailers in the UK (where YOU live). The prophecy says that two individuals must become famous! And I’m giving out apologies in advance. You never know, one of them might be you. I’m sorry, the interview is finished and I cannot break the prophecy. It’s out of my hands now, and the clock is ticking….

    Tick tick tick tick tick tick…………..!

    So now go back to using your proxy servers and your fake IDs. Let’s see, 2005, right? What’s it been 3 years? You still jerking off on that screen?

    Well, here’s the secondary good news. Starting next year you’re going to see a little less of Lawrence in magazines… and a lot more book-length projects.

    So keep enjoying being my number one fan, congratulations on becoming possibly — and recently — famous, and since I know where you live, maybe we’ll stop off at that pub in your neighborhood for a pint or two one day.

    Have a Wonderful Weekend,

    Lawrence Dagstine Working hard”


  3. One in the same person? Yeah, well done there.

    I hope he was drunk when he wrote that, because otherwise there’s no excuse for being so up your own arse.

    Also, don’t think he understands the word fame.

  4. You have to laugh at his self-delusion. I am sorry, but, since I was roughly four years old, banging away on Gramp Perkins’ old typerwriter, the words “I want to be a mediocre writer”, never entered my wee head. When people would ask, I would say, “I want to be a great writer one day!” Then, they would inevitably crush my dreams by telling me “writers starve.” So, I played a trick on them all, and became an editor AND a writer. Apparently, editors are lean and cranky. I can deal with that. ;P Anyhoo, off track there, but my point being: “Who ever comes into this field wanting to be a mediocre writer?”

    Speaking of Nitwits, and Nitwits leading Nitwits, these days, I just watched a most excellent interview with the esteemed Mr. Robert McKee, on The Hour. I think he was talking to the Nitwits when he speaks of banality, and the blind leading the blind.

    I want to be just like Robert McKee when I grow up! (But nothing like Daggy. Perish that thought.)

  5. Daggy has a prophecy that he will be famous.

    My prophecy is that he is a Nitwit.

    Any intelligent person (or die hard gamer) would automatically respond with “Famous for what?” Because Kurt Cobain is famous. So is Hitler. And O.J. and Voldemort. I think context is pretty damn important, don’t you?

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