“Crazy” Michelle Russo

There appears to be some confusion among some of my readers about who Michelle Russo is.  She’s Pacione’s former roommate from the apartment in Justice who kicked him out after he stopped chipping in for rent and utilitites.  She and the other former roommate, Shawn Borri (who owns Edison Records), are part of the Chicago Goth scene that Nicky so desperately wants to join.

Unless I’m confusing her with someone else, she also goes by Christina Death 1334, and Fallen Eve 1334.  This is from her MySpace profile:

cHRISTINA dEATH 1334 of cHICAGO’s Networking
I’m an all ages promoter for dEATHROCK/GOTHIC/ELEKTRO/INDEADSTRIAL events in Chicago.
” I will interview till the sky goes out”
“I host events and promote afterparties in the dEATHROCK/GOTHIC/ELETRO/INDEADSTRIAL/vein genres in Chicaoland area

Be forewarned:  her profile page is a nearly unreadable mess of graphics and text that will blast a 69 Eyes song at high volume.  You might want to skip it or plug in headphones and set them on the floor before you take a look.