What’s an IPPY?

Daggy has a new blog entry about Satirica being “nominated” for something called an IPPY award.

Cowboy Logic Press’s 400+ page post-apocalyptic, scifi blockbuster of an anthology, featuring such talented writers as Steven J. Dines, Bill Housley, Jason K. Chapman, Roger Haller, Gary Cuba, Mike Philbin, Lawrence R. Dagstine, and various others has been nominated for an IPPY award.

Does anyone know what an IPPY is?  Can anyone “nominate” something for it?  It wouldn’t surprise me if one of the people involved with the book had something to do with it.  Bear in mind that Satirica is that thing Dudgeon edited for Roger Haller’s Cowboy Logic Press.

In other news, chalk up another six stories.  Two repros and four new diddies.  Some genre, some not.

I do believe this is the first time I’ve ever seen Daggy count anything as a reprint.  Of course, he makes no mention of where any of these stories, new or otherwise, will appear.  Unless he’s writing short stories about Sean Combs or Ken Dodd’s Diddy Men,  I think he means “ditties,” but probably has no idea those are songs.


Dudgeon’s pimping some book or magazine he’ll be in, but only posted a copy of the cover art, without any sort of link to the publication.  At least I’ve heard of four or five of the authors.

Seems it’s always the usual suspects in these things.  Although I recognize some of the names, they always seem to pop up in association with the Nitwits.  I will say this, though — Dudgeon isn’t exactly a great writer, but he’s a darn sight better than Daggy.  The last story of his that I read had a really interesting premise, even if it was a little lacking in the execution.  There was nothing about it that struck me as absurd, at least.

It’s a shame that Paul Gifford keeps showing up in the same markets as these Nitwits.  I don’t know the guy, and I’ve never read anything of his, but I’ve never seen him fly off the handle and attack anyone.

Trifecta of Stupid

Janrae’s WoW thread really took off since I last saw it.  Daggy, who’s never played WoW, keeps chiming in about PC games he’s played, and proudly wears his ignorance on his sleeve.


Lawrence Dagstine wrote:

Somebody mentioned not finding money or gold. Maybe it’s different in WoW (I haven’t played it), but in the D&D and other PC role-playing games… There were ALWAYS goldpieces to be found by smashing crates or barrels.

The D&D games do not involve “smashing” crates and boxes. You open them. I’ve played them since Pool of Radiance came out. The Blizzard games, Diablo and Diablo 2 were the first ones I encountered where you actually had to break them.


Does anyone else think Bookhoard is one of Daggy’s alts?  The person kept popping up a minute or two after Daggy, until he was accused of being Larry, talking to himself.  After that, he only popped up within minutes of someone else posting.  After Janrae replied to Daggy’s ignorant remark, as shown above, Bookhoard posted an image of a box and a crate.  Whoever Bookhoard is, I find the person to be really obnoxious.

Moving along, Dudgeon posted a link to a story he has online at Bewildering Stories.  It’s called “Tripping on the Street.”  Remember Dudgeon?  He’s the Nitwit editor of Satirica, from Cowboy Logic Press.

The story itself isn’t really that bad — certainly better than anything Daggy could write — but it has a rather glaring error on the first page.

Her father gave his mother a serious look before he continued, then he picked up the “Bible” they had left for her.

There are only four characters in the story:  Carmen, her parents, and a pastor at Carmen’s parents’ cult church, who happens to have been one of Carmen’s johns.  Unless Carmen’s father married his own mother, which doesn’t appear to be the case, there is no grandmother in the story.  Dudgeon probably meant “Her father gave her mother,” but as it reads, either we’ve got a little incest going on, or he introduced a new character out of nowhere, who is never again mentioned.  Speaks well for the editor, doesn’t it?

Finally, we have Hertzie, with two entries yesterday.  One glorifies a crackpot conspiracy theorist.

Government critic Webster Griffin Tarpley who penned the books 911 Synthetic Terrorism, Bush: Unauthorized Bio and Obama: The Post-Modern Coup. The thing that really excites me about Tarpley is his dogged determination to get to the truth about 9/11 (that’s the levelling of three of the seven World Trade Centre buildings on September 11, 2001).

Seriously, Mikkake, you’re starting to recycle the same old conspiracy theories, and it’s getting really boring.

His other entry announces that he’s set up blogs over at Blogspot for Bukkakeworld and Planet of the Owls.

. . . these two dedicated blogs will cater to all your queries and concerns. They will be the centralised hubs for all sorts of features and exclusive items of juicy relevance.

What if he threw a party and nobody came?  I, for one, can’t even be bothered checking them out.  I’m certain they’re relevant to nothing.


Dudgeon wants us all to buy Horrotica.  Having read only his one short story at Silverthought, I’ve no idea what his poetry’s like.  Still, I can’t help but wonder about a publication that accepts four submissions from any one person for a single issue.  It seems unusual to me.

Phleabitten mentioned Horrotica in an interview a few months ago.  At any rate, it’s made it to Issue 3.

Horrotica, Vol. 3, Issue 3 includes four of my poems, including “Incubus” . . . I’ve already ordered my copy, but then, it’s got my name on the cover, so I would, wouldn’t I…

The only comment he’s gotten so far appears to be from the publisher.


I want to thank you once again for your contributions and your support of our magazine. We hope to see more of your work within the pages of Horrotica.
Great work!

Posted by Terry on Aug 6, 2008 5:16 AM


Dudgeon has a new post at MySpace.

A click on the link brought me to the page at Silverthought on which the story’s published.  It’s better than the average story you’d find by Lars or Mikkake, but there are still some things I find absurdly funny, because he plays fast and loose with logic.  Incidentally, what is a preview of a reprint?

I was just walking down the street in Winnipeg’s Osborne Village, picking up cigarette butts. There was snow on the ground that evening, since it was early winter. Dirty snow, from the sand and salt the city spreads. It was still quite tolerable out, despite the fact that it was almost three AM.

Because walking around at 3am picking cigarette butts out of the snow is a perfectly normal thing to do.

I turned to confront him. “And how may I assist you this fine evening?”

[. . .]

I guess he was getting scared now. It’s not often that someone whom you randomly attack speaks to you like an English gentleman.

None of the Brits I know (I lived in England for five years, and currently work for a Brit) speak like that.  Forty years ago . . . maybe.  If he’d thrown in a “Pip pip, cheerio,” I probably would have wet myself, as tears of laughter streamed down my face.

I cocked my right fist above my head. It was clothed in a black leather glove with cut off fingers, just like the left one which grasped his collar.

Wow.  Our hero had a matching pair of gloves!  Go figure.  It might have been worth mentioning had they been mismatched.

I arose and went to the washroom, both to clean up my face, and to examine my black eye. I then began emptying my jacket pockets of butts, so that I could roll a cigarette from the tobacco I crushed out of them.

That would be a bit difficult to do with cigarette butts he’d picked out of the snow.


Friday, July 25, 2008

Publications 10: Dreamwalker appears in Silverthought On-line
Category: Writing and Poetry

My short story, Dreamwalker has just been published by Silverthought On-line. It is the fourth story they have published, and the first since they moved to being a paid venue.

Incidentally, (as mentioned in a previous blog), this story is also forthcoming in the Uncommon Sense anthology by Roger Haller, which will be published by Cowboy Logic Press, hopefully before the end of the year.

So here’s a preview folks!


Horrotica Welcomes Nitwits

I believe Phleabitten first bragged about being in Horrotica; now, it’s Dudgeon.  Apparently, this will be the premiere issue.  I simply can’t take any publication seriously that includes stuff from the Nitwits, however well-intentioned the publisher may be.  Anyone who would “publish” these guys either has no clue what they’re doing, or needs his/her meds changed.

Forthcoming 8: Succubus to appear in Horrotica
Category: Writing and Poetry

More news on the Horrotica front. I have just heard that, in addition to my poem entitled “Incubus,” three more poems will also appear in Horrotica’s next issue in mid-summer. It will also be their first issue to move from exclusively an e-zine format to PRINT!

Collectively entitled “Succubus,” the three poems include: “visitation,” “darkness” and “falling apart.”

All four poems are prime examples of my psychosexual themes, involving rape by supernatural entities, and the consequences for the individuals involved…so they make a natural group.

I hope all fans of dark poetry and prose will support the first print issue of Horrotica. I’ll post a link when it is available, as always.


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Two Dudgeons?

From Helium, Roy C. writes about himself:

Dr. Dudgeon is the author of Common Ground: Eco-holism & Native American Philosophy and The Pattern Which Connects: Batesonian Holism & Postmodern Science, both of which are now available in 6 X 9, trade paperback editions from Pitch Black Publications, and as ebooks for those of you who wish to save some trees.

And, from MySpace, there’s this bit of info about Roy-Boy’s new book.

Well here it is at last, folks, my brother’s latest philosophical polemic is now available in paperback edition from my very own Pitch Black Publications. The Pattern Which Connects: Batesonian Holism & Postmodern Science is a book that only a hard-core philosophical junky would appreciate. But ya gotta love my bro, Dr. Roy C. Dudgeon, for producing this kind of shit…


Now, the funny thing is that the profile for “Dudgeon – Writer/Editor” lists all the same credits that I’d thought all along were from Roy C. Dudgeon:  Satirica, Phobia, etc.

If there really are two of them, I’m a little confused.  Which one’s the pompous dude who hangs out on the Silverthought forum?  The Dudgeon from MySpace has the usual suspects on his f-list:  Dagstine, Philbin, Cowboy Logic, Horrotica, Purpleverse, etc.

The Lulu storefront for Pitch Black Publications makes it appear that Roy C. Dudgeon is their only author.  If someone has to start a micro-press just to publish his brother’s books, it sort of tells me there isn’t a market for them.

Larry Lives

Larry is proud to announce another triumph.

. . . though the release date hasn’t been confirmed yet, the name of this collection is SATIRICA! Edited by Roy C. Dudgeon — anthropologist, editor, writer . . .

Don’t you mean “arthropod,” Larry?  Seriously, he’s no more an editor than you or I, but he’d make a really adorable bay bug.  Dudgeon’s that Winnipeg professor who disdains fiction, for those of you who may have forgotten by now.  He once claimed on Silverthought that nonfiction was his thing, and he merely dabbled in fiction upon rare occasion, for amusement purposes.  Fiction “editing” from a guy who hates fiction promises to be brilliant.