Robbed of Book Signings

There’s a new entry on Mr. Pacione’s MySpace announcing the release of his memoir.

This project that everyone in the industry don’t want you to buy is out right now — this particular book for me.

The industry really doesn’t care whether people buy the book. It’s basically a fact that all but a few people care enough to want to read about Pacione’s high school years. The market for that sort of drivel doesn’t exist.

His usual complaint about piracy has taken a new twist:

Fact being it’s a fucking loser move on their part — cheating the writer out of the experience of signing books.

So now, it’s the experience of signing books that he’s missing, not the sales? If he’s not renting the booth at Gothicfest to sign and sell books, why is he renting it?

If he fails at Gothicfest, as surely he will, he can always set up a card table at the end of grammy’s driveway to sign and sell his books.