Double-Header Thursday, Cont’d.

This is from the latter part of the “little man” post on ETT.

I was sifting through some old pictures . . . the camera that was used with this one was ended up lost in New Orleans when I was getting ready to come home from Goth Con.

He sure has a habit of losing things . . . his camera . . . his tripod . . . his mind.

I noticed something over the years, how I went from being a person who was teased a lot to someone who wrote some of the darkest literature online.

I would replace “darkest literature” with “most incomprehensible bullshit.”

It would not of crossed my mind in 1994 that I would become a full time aspiring writer . . .

It’s nice to see Mr. Pacione admit that the only thing he does full time is aspire. For once, he speaks the truth.

This was a troop that I wish I stayed with all the way — possibly became an Eagle Scout, but my parents worked too long and did not have enough time.

Unless his step-father was Scoutmaster, I don’t see how any of his time was required for Pacione to be a boy scout. One of the other scouts’ parents could have given him a ride to troop meetings.

Again, I sense resentment on Pacione’s part that his parents didn’t have a lot of money to lavish on him, and a sense of entitlement.

Never (correction, only one time) came to my sporting events when I competed in wrestling and track, and being in the special education system — going into a sport was my way of trying to break a stigma.

That is rather sad. But, as Pacione pointed out, they were busting their butts trying to earn a living.

I kind of wonder what they would say if they saw the photography I am doing now or days.

If it’s anything like the headless pigeons and the black hot rod, they’d be laughing too hard to say anything.

I knew of another writer — her genre was romance but when she saw I was doing with it, she actually said I was a better writer than she was.

Either there really is a worse writer out there than Pacione, or this is just another figment of his imagination.

And in that darkness came a lot of my creativity, while I was discovering that I was becoming ill and there was nothing I was able to do about it.

Baloney. That’s what compazine, thorazine, lithium, etc., are used to combat. He really does need to get his meds adjusted.

He Wants to Be the Next Danzig

ExposeTheTard has a new entry, with a few gems.

Yes, my ex referred to me as being a rat bastard; that is worst than being a sick bastard.

How so?  An average lab rat has cleanlier habits than Pacione.

What one had told me of the place is that the Marynole was not haunted — only that the teenagers of Glen Ellyn, Illinois had known otherwise about the place because of the ghost stories that were told about the old, Roman Catholic seminary about being watched by a dead priest in the shadows of the abandoned chapel.

Maryknoll Seminary was the subject of his story “Tales of an Abandoned Seminary.”  In a nutshell, Pacione trespassed, and all he found were some dead pigeons and headless dolls.

It was to my curiousity that I decided to take a look around inside of the infamos Marynole — I still remember what I had seen to this day, the images were straight out of an old horror tale written by H.P. Lovecraft or Robert Bloch.

Yes, dolls and pigeons are scary.

This place was also home of a Satanic Ritual, but the thing that drawn people to White’s Cemetery is that the churchyard had a phanton limoline — in fact, a friend of mine was chased by the phantasm throught the churchyard . . .

I think White’s Cemetery is the one from “Cuba Road.”  He ripped his jacket trying to climb over the fence.

If some would say that I am a bigot, ask my cousin Amie because she would understand why.

He sounds like he was raised in a family full of bigots.

Metal is the music that is in my heart and blood, if I could get a band going on the lines of Danzig I would be very happy.

This reminds me of the time on which he was talking about becoming “the throat” of some local band.  Seriously, he’s got the voice of a helium-inhaling gerbil.  He’s no more a musician than he is a writer.  He automatically thinks he has talent for anything he enjoys.  I’ve never seen him mention that he can actually play an instrument.  Even so, the vast majority of indie artists eke out a living by doing small gigs and teaching guitar or piano on the side.  Yet, in his mind, he’s entitled to make a living at anything that catches his fancy.

Just in Time for Christmas

It’s fraud and extortion time!

Mr. Pacione sent ExposeTheTard four separate Paypal invoices over the past four days, totaling $2000. He patiently waited a day between sending the first two invoices. Now, you might not consider that patient, until you realize that he sent the two today a mere 18 seconds apart!

He made a point a week or so ago of saying that his priority is to buy Christmas presents for his family. Now we all know how he intends to get the money. I just copied the dates and amounts below; all the juicy accompanying email is back at Blogger.

Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2007 12:33:43 -0800 -----------------------------------

Money Request Details

 Amount: $500.00 USD

   Date: Sun, 02 Dec 2007 08:09:50 -0800


Money Request Details


Amount: $500.00 USD     Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2007 09:31:26 -0800


Money Request Details

Amount: $500.00 USD      Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2007 09:31:44 -0800 -----------------------------------

Money Request Details


Amount: $500.00 USD