New Websites

It didn’t take long for whoever registered and to get them up and running.  There’s an announcement on SL about the former.  All the talk on ETT about both made me curious.  They were both live when I checked this morning.

In case our favorite Italian meatball is reading this, no, I don’t own either one of those domains.  Whoever got them registered and hosted, however, should be prepared to receive death threats, and demands to turn them over for free to the Nickster, as well as pay for hosting for him, for the duration of the registration period.

Update on Goth

Mr. Pacione edited his entry on Goth to include a long update.

Update: the galley proof for the copyright page is done, and I used some photos I took when I was coming home from Gothicfest 2007 for them. The reason being I felt I was pressured to stay home from doing any new shoots.

Who would pressure Pacione to stay home?  Could it be that granny wants to keep an eye on him and keep him out of trouble?

. . . the inspiration for the picture of the semi truck came from watching a show called Trick My Truck. I would love to see someone take a semi and make it a really Gothic looking one much how they did with Grave Digger.

The cover of his latest Ethereal Gazette shows the cab of a semi.

I am taking one or two more stray stories and looking for real life weirdness here that is between 2400 to 3000 words send it to as a .doc attachment along with your real name or a name that sounds like a real name.

He’s still looking for submissions.  This time, however, people are allowed to use a fake name that merely sounds real.  What’s he doing printing up a proof copy when he’s still soliciting stories for it?