Revised Blogger Entries

Pacione’s been busy updating his Blogspot, not with new entries, but by adding paragraphs to older entries.  Both his most recent two entries were updated today.

I will go on record that isn’t my grandmother writing that message. That is one of my cousins. They’ve done nothing to you so leave them the hell alone.

This makes no sense.  If his cousin’s hopping on his computer using his account to pretend to be Shirley ranting about phony phone calls, why does the rant remain unedited?  Why pretend to be his cousin?  He blames an awful lot of his crap on his cousin Mike.  If he knows Mike is prone to do that sort of thing, then he should simply log out of his accounts when he leaves the computer unattended, if Mike’s visiting.

They got highs in new lows when I did my annoucement on Nextcat about a Lake Fossil Press Babe, some asshole posted a fake site which had some fucking shemale humping a headstone.

[. . .]

. . . I got some asshole calling me from another area code from out of state because some prick posted my phone number on myspace.

The only place I’ve seen his phone number posted was on his guestbook in a message he took private and hid.   Evidently, that guestbook software doesn’t allow him to delete entries.  Allegedly, he admitted to someone that he was having a friend call and hang up on grammy.

This is the first mention of Lake Fossil Press Babe on his Blogspot.  He made the original announcement on Nextcat back on Aug. 1.  Now I’ve got to go hunt down that shemale and the headstone picture; it promises to be hilarious.