Pulled for a Third Time

Legend Keeper has been pulled for a third time.  This morning, the third version he uploaded was still available from Lulu.  As of early afternoon, Eastern, it’s gone.  The rest of Nicky’s books are still there, however, which means Lulu didn’t close his account.

ETA:  Having had his book pulled three times from Lulu, Peaches uploaded it to Scribd, where he has it for sale for $2.50.  Naturally, he didn’t fix any of the typos.

Legend Keeper Typos

Legend Keeper

UPDATE #2:  Nicky added a disclaimer, along with a bunch of new typos, left in the real names and birthdate info for his “rivals,” and reuploaded it to Lulu.

UPDATE:  This product can no longer be found on Lulu.  It seems I got there just in the nick of time to see it before it was pulled.  😀

Nicky has made Legend Keeper available from Lulu.  Considering that he was still writing it earlier this week, it’s safe to say he didn’t spend much time working on formatting and cover art.  I could have sworn he’d been talking about getting someone else to do his cover art, yet what he used was one of his pencil and crayon drawings — the one that looks like an alien cyclops bat.  Props to him for spelling his name correctly on the cover this time.

Legend Keeper Front Cover


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