Feud with Lulu.com

Nicky’s ongoing feud with Lulu.com has taken a new turn.  He used to just complain that they closed his account (which really happened for multiple TOS violations over the years, not because he’s “controversial” as he claims), and that they encouraged people to pirate his stuff.  Today, he’s accusing them of uploading his entire catalog to Pirate Bay.

Sounds like Lulu.com really doesn’t give a flying fuck of someone gets plagiarized as I am guessing they did upload my catalog on Pirate Bay.

Evidently, Pirate Bay is back online.  Whether Nicky ever knew it was raided and knocked offline is anyone’s guess.

Stay out of Chicago if you know I am going to be present because I will be beating up your male staff members over this. We will see whose blood will pay for something — you want to have the polite bullshit when you saw me get vulgar with you on the phone.

Classic Nicky, eh?  Sounds like a threat to me.

Drop me a message and you will be given Lulu.com’s phone number as they are dodging questions about allowing my work to be plagiarized and I don’t find this funny one bit that they allowed this.

Yup, he’s been harassing them by phone.  Again. Continue reading