More Orchid Pictures

Finally got around to uploading more orchid pictures here.  Willie might like the Tuberolabium.  It’s another one of those crystalline white miniature vandaceous species that smells like iris, only more intense.  While I do have a few hybrids, my collection is mostly species.  Some folks find them more challenging; I find them more interesting.


They take your money, but they don’t talk back!

No news on the Nicky front, but I have plenty on my orchid blog.  I have a good two or three pages worth of new entries, with pictures.  It’s no skin off my back if you don’t give a shit about orchids, but I like them.

OT: Brassavola perrinii

New post over on The Orchid Place.  It’s Brassavola perrinii, a nifty orchid that only pimps out its scent at night.  It’s small, white, and something Willie might like.  He seems to be my only reader who has a degree in botany.  I think my Reine des Violettes OGR (circa 1840) is a Bourbon, but I’m not sure.

The task of moving half my orchids outside this time of year, and trying to find the perfect spots for them, is a bit of a chore.  The good news is that the deer leave them alone, and find tastier grub elsewhere.  I suppose it’s time to mix up a batch of stinky deer deterrent stuff to spray on my roses and other deer fodder.

OT: Fall ‘Chiddie Pr0n

Orchid pics of Blc. Dennis Kone, B. Little Stars, and Barkeria melanocaulon here.  I also have C. Chocolate Drop and Mediocalcar decoratum in bud.  For all the years I’ve owned a Mediocalcar, I’ve never gotten the darn thing to bloom.  It’s only got two buds on a pretty big, sprawling plant (for a miniature, that is), but dammit, I’ll take them.

The Langoliers

No, not really.  It’s Scaphosepalum anchoriferum, another one of my miniature species orchids.  The bloom is about 1/2″ tall, on a plant that’s only about 8″ tall, including its pot.  It’s the kind of freaky looking thing that Karen might like.  Reminds me of a langolier, with a really long tongue instead of sawblade teeth.  Gotta love the dual fuzzy pompadours.  It likes it cool, shady, and wet.

August Orchid Pr0n

Today’s orchid pictures are of one cattleya intergeneric hybrid (a Stellamizutaara), and three species.  The flowers on the species only last two or three days, but flowers in general don’t seem to last as long in the dog days of summer as they do at other times of year.

We have Stlma. Kelly ‘Lea’, Eurychone rothschildiana, Stelis bidentata, and Stanhopea panamense.  The Stanhopea smells like vanilla coke; it’s a yellow flower as opposed to the white flower from the oculata I showed in an earlier post, and it’s in an 8″ basket vs. the 12″ one for the oculata.  The Stellamizutaara really is that vivid, with its bright fuchsia lip, but doesn’t smell like anything.  The green/white Eurychone isn’t that pretty, but it’s interesting, and I like the crystalline white petals.  It’s a miniature, in a 2″ square pot.  Finally, the Stelis has flowers that aren’t much bigger than a pinhead, and I don’t have the camera skills to capture them properly.

All gallery pictures are clickable to see them in regular size (well, whatever WordPress scales the original images to).  Scroll over each to see  what plant it is.  As a side note, I rather like the way WordPress handles picture galleries now; it used to suck beans, but this latest version is pretty good, IMHO.