Lake Fossil Press Babe

It’s been nearly two months since Mr. Pacione announced he was recruiting a model to promote Lake Fossil Press part time. I wonder whether he’s gotten any applications.

The basic requirements (scroll about halfway down the page in the above link) are bizarre. He wants a fat or skinny chick who looks good in jeans and hightops, like a cross between a goth and a metalhead, and can look scary. I understand the scary part; if the other criteria were satisfied, scary would be the automatic result. The desired dress code is completely un-goth, further proving that Pacione is, at best, a hanger-on, and not part of the goth scene at all.

This is my favorite line:

Just be able to look scary too —┬ábecause . . . I am on a fixed income.

Unless he meant “scared,” one doesn’t follow from the other.

I would venture a guess that not one “model” has sent an application. We would have heard more about it if Pacione had received inquiries.

It seems to be a harebrained scheme he picked up from the local scene. Never one to have an original idea, Pacione decided he must have a goth chick of his own to promote his press.

The Horror publishers in the area recruit goth chicks with the titles they publish.

I’d be very curious to know the status.