Not Again

Ms. Koehler is back in Mr. Pacione’s crosshairs. He can’t tell the difference between fiction and non-fiction. Can we trust him to tell the difference between real life and his invisible pink bunny friends? Obviously not.

The bitch been adding my real life friends and tryin to chase me around from forum to forum.

Has Mr. Pacione ever met any of his “real life friends” face to face?

What if someone was to create a site about her like that — yeah I know what I am thinking, it is time to have Encyclopedia Dramatica rip on her for a little while too.

I would hope Pacione knows what he’s thinking, because nobody else can fathom it.

She went out and called me a snail oil salesman . . .

False. Ms. Koehler wouldn’t have butchered the expression in that manner, if, in fact, it had been directed at anyone in particular. However, I do recall Pacione butchering it in just that way when referring to her. He’s been making heavy use of malapropisms lately. I predict this one will go down in history along with descent (for decent).

Revisionist History

What’s up with spreading false rumors?  Doesn’t anyone bother to do his or her homework before sitting down in front of a keyboard?

She’s a very bitter soul who seems to think there’s nothing wrong with pedophilia — at least that’s the impression I got from her live journal before it got wiped and replaced.  I could be overgeneralizing her position on the matter, and if I’m wrong I apologize.

However, she did threaten to write a slash fanfic involving Twerpy’s son,and she ended up catching all kinds of hell for it.  She seemed to react bitterly to it, and that’s when her “cussedness” LJ went poof.

Mr. Brendan has his facts more mixed up than a smoothie.  Hopefully, he’s just repeating what he heard from someone with an axe to grind.  I’d classify this under revisionist history, because it never happened.

Velmonturna, a Goth from Chicagoland, threatened to write that piece of slash, but never did.  Velmonturna has twice admitted as much, in public.  The piece was never written by him, nor anyone else.  Anyone who continues to spread this false rumor half a year (or more) later is willfully twisting the truth.

Zippy and Crazy Michelle

This afternoon’s Pacione activity has come fast and furious. First, Zippy the Pinhead posted this entry over at Chicago_Gothic at LJ, but deleted it pretty quickly and reposted it on his Blogspot.

The fact my cousin was ready to beat on him was another thing I want to mention here.

But Mr. Pacione was such a kind soul that he personally held back his cousin because he didn’t want to see Chris beat Mikey to a pulp.

My friends hated you from day one. That’s why they didn’t come over.

No. They didn’t come over because they’re non-existent. It’s impossible for the voices inside Mr. Pacione’s head to make a physical appearance.

The fact I will go on record that she has a mental illness and has no touch with reality.

I wouldn’t know about that, but I can say that’s an accurate self-assessment from Pacione. This entire entry reads as if he’s back off his meds.

She ruined my book signing on Saturday . . .

So, his book signing was the disaster I was expecting.

You want to come after me Michelle in the street, you will have
criminal charges on you and yes I will have a cop with me when that

This is some of the funniest stuff Pacione has ever written. He can’t even afford to pay minimum wage for an hour a day for “protection.” Maybe he should consider getting into stand-up comedy.

I have no voice right now so I can’t scream at you in person . . .

Alright, he did lose his voice. But, I doubt he has the cojones to scream at her in person, anyway. All the voice recordings I’ve heard of Mr. Pacione’s make him sound like a three year-old having a temper tantrum in a supermarket aisle.

You won’t be able to hide behind Brian Keene there.

WTF!?!? There’s about as much chance of that happening as there is of Pacione looking to me to provide him with protection.

This is a rightous anger Michelle, the kind of anger that comes when you steal money from the sick for their medicine.

Mr. Pacione wouldn’t have this problem if he didn’t blow his government check on cigarettes and camera equipment. Now that he’s been living rent-free in grammy’s basement for months, what’s his excuse? Right. Butts and camera equipment. Some things never change.

I wonder how it’ll go over with the judge when Crazy Michelle brings up the stolen computer equipment and whatever else he took with him when he moved out that wasn’t his.

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