Nicky the Martyr

Again, I have ExposeTheTard to thank for this gem of a profile for Mr. Pacione, dating back eight years, to when he was 24, and hot to trot, ladies. Only Pacione would use his profile to post a rant.

The Basics
Member Name: urbanizedsin
Name: Nickolaus Albert Pacione
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single and Looking
Occupation: webmaster, writer
Location: Morris, IL

[. . .]

Those that are from Hampton, Iowa, and openly are judgemental can go suck on a monkey’s genitialia. The staff at the Mason City Public Library can go to hell for banning my ass — you tried to kill my site by banning me, I was beat down in the name of the First. I am a martyr of free speech and press.

Martyr, my ass. He’s gotten so many of his accounts shut down because he has threatened many people and repeatedly violated TOS. I heard about the library incident years ago, but until now was unable to place a time frame to it. It had to have been 1999 or earlier.

I am gothic in my own right since I write of things that are dark, but at the same it could and has happened in reality. I write about people’s phobias.

No. He writes about his own phobias: arachnaphobia, claustrophobia, and apiphobia, to name a few. He also writes about his own mental illnesses. At various times, he’s described himself as “manic depressant,” bipolar, and megalomaniac. Paranoia and delusions come with the territory, so to speak, and he displays them in abundance, both in his blog entries and in his short stories.

He likes to write, but is not a professional writer. He has no professional credits. I like to play hockey, but that doesn’t make me Wayne Gretzky. I haven’t won a Stanley Cup. Winning a few pick-up games on the local pond doesn’t exactly count, any more than his “success” getting to print his dreck.


Janrae alerted me to this before it showed up in my feed reader. We have another double-header today, insipired no doubt by Nicky obsessing over the comments left on The Rusty Nail.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The guy named dudelove

That guy gets it. I am smiling wide because finally someone gets it. I might not have read Richard Laymon but I read some of his contemporaries. I was tipped off he’s a huge fan of the small press so I am going to point him to a few places where he can get some of my work in the print only medium.

It’s not clear to me whether Pacione’s referring to Dudelove or Laymon when he harps about “that guy gets it.” He may mean both of them. We all know how the tiniest ounce of praise, however phony, makes Nicky feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s funny how Nicky would never question someone’s motivation for praising him, yet he imagines all kinds of conspiracy plans the second someone suggests he use a Strunk & White.

Yes folks, Dudelove is god, and Mr. Laymon is still alive and interested in Pacione’s work. I do believe that was a rather large peccary that just flew past my office window.

The fact that some think Iuniverse and became the downfall of an author’s career. Bullshit, it is the medium to allow authors to get anthologies out there and send them to another publisher and show them what the author has out there.

Pacione really doesn’t get it. An editor will take one look at a bound copy of someone’s self-published dreck and show the person the door. Proof-copies serve an altogether different purpose; Pacione’s talking about copies that are already for sale to the general public. It screams that: a) he knows nothing about the difference between a manuscript, a proof copy, and a self-published book already for sale to the general public, and b) “no legitimate publisher would acquire this, so I had to self-publish it through a printer.” It says a few other things as well, but I’ll leave it at that.

Google Alert: Pacione Fan

I am not in the habit of quoting from random strangers’ blogs, but this came over the wire, and is noteworthy.

Well, I’ve met a writer (online meeting) and his horror writing prose is unbelievable. It’s some of the best I’ve ever read.

[. . .]

OK, he’s now inspired me to keep going, I’ve finished the third chapter of my second book.

For all I know, she’s a very sweet woman, but if she thinks Pacione’s writing skill and output are awesome, she can’t be too bright.  Wait until she meets the wrath of Pacione!

The last sentence of that quotation cobbles together two sentences with a comma, the way Pacione does.  It’s written on a blog, but still, it pays to give it a skim before hitting the “publish” button.  I’m afraid the title of her blog says it all about where her writing career is most likely destined to go.

Self-publishing has a place.  It’s useful for things like postcards and calendars that would never be sold beyond family and friends, or for printing photo albums of a family reunion for holiday gifts.

I hope she comes to her senses about Pacione; she’s no teenager, ripe for the picking, like most of his “fans.”