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OMG, Nikita

Hat tip:  Just A Guest This is comedy gold: Skip ahead to ~19:30 Holy hell!  He mentions Brian, Kealan, Mary, and Angeline.

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Now Tin Foil Dave’s Threatening Me

The boy must be attracted by my charm; he just can’t stay away from this blog. Tin Foil Dave says: February 1, 2011 at 7:51 pm (Edit) True, but you are allowing these miscreants to post their negative comments here, … Continue reading

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I’ll Get You My Pretties!

ExposeTheTard writes: I got an email the other day that was sent to myself and a few others complete with the picture below: Subject: not even close to breaking me assholes I feel neglected.  The only nasty-gram I’ve gotten from … Continue reading

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Bully Pulpit

Mr. Pacione is again using his status at LJ’s Goth community to ram his dung down the collective throat of the community. The magazine is available for purchase and for those of you who like your horror how your like … Continue reading

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Book Signings

Pacione has another video blog up on MySpace tv.  He also left another long-winded entry on Goth at LJ. (Yeah the anthology got an ISBN finally — just got done redesigning the copyright page on the thing, so I will … Continue reading

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Give It Back

Another damn impersonator popped up . . . In his dreams, another impersonator arose. He didn’t link to it, so I doubt it exists. If you’re trying to get a rise out of me — I am doing all I … Continue reading

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Not Again

Ms. Koehler is back in Mr. Pacione’s crosshairs. He can’t tell the difference between fiction and non-fiction. Can we trust him to tell the difference between real life and his invisible pink bunny friends? Obviously not. The bitch been adding … Continue reading

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Just in Time for Christmas

It’s fraud and extortion time! Mr. Pacione sent ExposeTheTard four separate Paypal invoices over the past four days, totaling $2000. He patiently waited a day between sending the first two invoices. Now, you might not consider that patient, until you … Continue reading

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Another Stab in the Dark

I saw this right before I left the office, but wasn’t about to miss my train at that time of night on a Friday to respond. It could wait until I got home. Are nothing in real life so they … Continue reading

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Nicky the Martyr

Again, I have ExposeTheTard to thank for this gem of a profile for Mr. Pacione, dating back eight years, to when he was 24, and hot to trot, ladies. Only Pacione would use his profile to post a rant. The … Continue reading

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