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Taco Salad

This was probably as good as we would have gotten in a restaurant, if not better.  I bought the flour tortillas and cheese, along with the beef and onions used in the chili.  Everything else on that plate came from … Continue reading

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Blueberry Pie

Now that blueberry season is upon us, I had to make a blueberry pie.  I don’t really use a recipe for it, but I do add about a half cup of sugar and approximately a well-rounded tablespoon of corn starch … Continue reading

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More Food Pr0n

I didn’t list the recipes.  The pita bread one is straight out of Beard on Bread, except that I only made half the recipe.  The apple custard thing, I completely made up as I went along, but I do know … Continue reading

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Shoo Fly Pie

I didn’t feel like making a regular pie crust, so I sort of cheated and used a store-bought graham cracker crust, but the filling and topping are from scratch.  Yes, I used the new food processor to do the crumbly … Continue reading

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Shortbread Pr0n

It wouldn’t be the holidays without lots of buttery goodness, would it?  I’ve posted a recipe for shortbread that seems to work perfectly, every time, no matter how much I abuse the dough before cooking it. It’s that time of … Continue reading

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OT: Deviled Seafood Casserole

I’m a huge fan of hot dishes, or pretty much anything that can be mostly done ahead of time, and finished up in the oven or on a grill.  This is a variation of a recipe from The Lady & … Continue reading

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Food Pr0n

I decided on spice cake for the birthday cake, with caramel frosting.  I pretty much suck at cake decorating, but sprinkling chopped walnuts on top, and piping out little blobs of cream cheese icing for decoration covers a multitude of … Continue reading

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OT: Two Recipes

I’m finally catching up on my food blog, after that weeklong service outage.  Still need to post the recipe and photos for Sally Lunn, but I do have a couple of entries posted, complete with pictures.  One is for hot … Continue reading

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Darn Tomatoes

We’ve got six plants of full-sized tomatoes.  They have thus far escaped the tomato blight epidemic that’s been plaguing commercial growers in the NE.  Two of ours are bush varieties, which stay compact, but the other four need more support … Continue reading

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Garden Harvest

This time of year, harvesting the fruits and veggies is a daily task.  I went out at 8 am, to do harvest duty.  I got a few peppers (yellow banana, and cayenne), two eggplants, a handful of cherry tomatoes, and … Continue reading

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