It’s Moving Day

Today is the big day.  Nicky makes the move from Morris, IL, to Pinellas Park, FL.  Thanks to Baup doing the research, we have an itinerary of sorts:

If I’m reading the Amtrak schedule properly, Nikki is in for a hell of a ride.
He has a
Six hour layover in Chicago
Seventeen and a half hour ride from Chicago to DC
Six hour layover in DC
Seventeen and a half hour ride from DC to Orlando
Just under 3 hour bus ride from Orlando to Clearwater

Holy guacamole, Batman!  That leaves an awful lot of room for him to toddle off and get lost between connections.  Even if he doesn’t, it’s going to take him roughly 50 hours to get to Clearwater.  Will Sheryl or Mark go pick him up at the bus station, or will he pull a Stella, and rely upon the kindness of strangers?  Only The Shadow knows …

He should have taken Greyhound.  It’d be faster and cheaper.  It’d be funny as all get out if he ended up at the Scientology Center in Clearwater.  Can you imagine the fuss he’d cause?

It’s Aliiiiiiive!

Hat tip:  Sabledrake

After laying low for a while, I have it on good authority that Nicky’s reared his head once again.  He’s been harassing Brian Keene over the past week or two. My understanding is that the gist of it is some nonsense about how his Social Security number isn’t a toy, and how Nicky needs it to get a job.  Nicky, of all people, wanting to get a job?  Ha!  I wonder whether that was a precondition for moving in with Sheryl and Mark.  Unless he starts taking showers and washing his hair a few times a week, nobody’s going to hire him, even to stock shelves at WalMart.  Plus, his track record has been such that he either gets fired, or quits, within a few weeks.

He’s moving to Pinellas Park in three days.  Shouldn’t he be more worried about that than using his Tracphone to harass other people?  Anyway, he posted this last night to his public FB page.

It was accompanied by a very nice photo of Mr. Keene, copyrighted in 2014 by John Urbancik.

Nicky Has Hemorrhoids

Hat tip:  Just Me

He posted this on his public author page on FB.  As George Takei would say, “Oh, my.”

This begs several questions.  Which female household member made the 911 call?  Would the Nickster have noticed the excess stink, otherwise?  Why did this warrant a call to 911 to get an ambulance, unless Nicky was screaming about bleeding out?  Was it too hard to drive him 3-ish miles to the local hospital in a personal vehicle, then fumigate it later?

There really is such a thing as TMI.  That FB post was it.

Given that Nicky is freaked out about his move to Pinellas Park on the 31st, does anyone want to place a bet on him entering the hospital again on the 30th?  Asking for a friend.  😉

Nicky’s Moving to Florida

Nicky posted on his public FB page that he’s moving to Florida at the end of next month.  Considering that this was posted over a week ago, it seems like an awfully leisurely packing job he’s planning.  Most people can pack up the entire contents of a four or five bedroom house in half that time (or less), while putting in 40+ hour work weeks.  All it takes is good use of their evenings and weekends.

He’s said before that he hates hot weather.  Either he’s going to have to buy a pair of shorts to wear in the summer, or stay indoors in the air conditioning.  It’s not too wild an assumption to make that the decision to move in with Sheryl and Mark was a last resort, and that he was unable to find other accomodations in Chicagoland.  Stay tuned …

Where Is Nicky Moving?

According to Nicky’s public Facebook page, he’s packing up, and getting ready to move out, because his grandparents’ old house is in probate.

I’ve no idea what having e-stories available has to do with keeping this particular FB entry brief.  Regardless, it’s sad to see him have to move.  He had it good there for so many years.

I hope for his sake he can stay somewhere in the area.  Leaving greater Chicagoland would be so heartbreaking to him.


UPDATED Lake Fossil Press Anthologies: The Condensed Volumes

Hat tip:  Sabledrake

(Scroll down for the update)

Looks like Nikita may be back on Lulu.  You can click on the image to view it full size, without the blurry text.   The listing dives right into Pacione’s feud with Brian Keene.  Nobody would do that, except Nickypoo.  In fact, there’s absolutely nothing there in the product description about its contents.  It concludes with:

The controversial publisher and editor allowed this publication to return here because the layout was too complex for who he works with now This is so the truth can be set free as Pacione does some revealing truths in the introduction.

I take it that means he couldn’t figure out how to make his god-awful cover and formatting work with whatever printer he’d been using.




Hat tip:  Fallout3

It seems Nicky also added another listing for the same book, only modifying the last paragraph of the product description, and using Ray R. Wise’s name.  As if that weren’t enough, he started a “Bring Nick Back: The Decader” Spotlight page, using the name “Saul J. Iscariot.”  Both screenshots are clickable to see them in full size.

The last paragraph of the Ray R. Wise listing now reads:

The 2015 introduction shows a revealing truth about Questionable Content — the whole Global Consumerism is a joke.

I also heard that he was back on Goodreads sending out nasty comments and messages to people he dislikes, but Goodreads put a stop to that pretty quickly.  See what happens when he doesn’t have an uncle around to keep him in line?



Nicky Lost His VampireFreaks Account

Hat tips:  multiple people I’d rather not name, but who know who they are

It’s been a while since Nicky reared his ugly head at his internet enemies.  Recently, he began his latest episode by leaving the usual nasty messages on people’s VampireFreaks profile pages.  Powerbombs ensued, and he was given a one month suspension, until October 4.  Since he was suspended, he hopped on Twitter to solicit people to powerbomb Rob Baupader.

nickolaus-pacione-nickwashere1976-twitterRight.  Soliciting powerbombs after being suspended for powerbombing people is not a good idea, especially since it’s against the rules of VF.  The upshot was that it didn’t go over well with the administrator at VF, and his suspension was turned into a deleted account.


Remember, this is a premium account for which Nicky pays a subscription fee.  Oops.  Considering that his suspension was supposed to last for almost another month, I have no idea whether he knows his account has been deleted.  This is a truly beautiful thing.

Metal Mania Drops Nicky

Kudos to my anonymous tipster, who alerted me to the fact that Nicky lost his “job” administering the Metal Mania page on Facebook.  The Nickster himself publicly posted confirmation on his Twitter account:

NickyTwit-metal-mania 2016-07-06 23-46-03

Incroyable!  Quelle horreur!  Quelle est sa réaction?  Alors quoi?  Très bien.

Seriously?  He was like “Really?  Okay.”  This is not the Nicky we have all come to know from his online persona of years past.  Evidently, whichever uncle it was who moved in with them after Don’s death is doing one heck of a good job keeping Nicky in line.  I don’t know how he does it, but a whole bunch of people appreciate it, from horror authors who make a living from their craft, right down to those us of who have merely crossed swords with the guy a decade or more  ago, and have been in his crosshairs ever since.

I appreciate the break.  It’s rather nice to post about something other than Nicky’s antics for a change.  Alright, not tonight, but my last few entries had nothing to do with Nikita.  I’ve been extremely busy with other things, which is why it took me a few days to get with the program long enough to even post this entry.

Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?

Oh where, oh where has my little dog gone?
Oh where, oh where can he be?
With his ears cut short and his tail cut long.
Oh where, oh where can he be?


Nikita has only had a sporadic presence online during the past couple of months.  Other than making a couple of rock stars’ deaths all about himself, and pimping his 5+ year old books as if they were new, I haven’t heard a peep from the guy about his anticipated new living quarters with roomies, somewhere in Joliet.

Granted, I haven’t been paying much attention, given that gardening season is on, and the black raspberries are within a day or two of ripening on us, which means twice a day picking once they get going.  Then, it’ll be the red raspberries, then the blueberries, and finally, the blackberries.  None of the berries grow in our kitchen garden, so that’s another matter altogether, but what’s there is mostly on schedule.

Anyway, where is La Femme Nikita?