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Pacione Freaks After 9/11

From Exposethetard, we have this excerpt from a new entry: As part of our series to explore the toughness and bravery of Nicky, we present the following written Friday, October 5th, 2001 by Nicky. Subject:::its starting::: Time:9:18 pm. Mood: uncomfortable. … Continue reading

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Banned from Shocklines

It’s true, folks!  Nicky finally managed to get himself banned from Shocklines.  It was long overdue, from what I’ve read over the years, and especially the past few months. The Blog of a Writer: finally got banned from Shocklines Tuesday, … Continue reading

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Amazon Blog Entry

Did I call this one right, or what?  Nicky confirms that he is indeed afraid that someone will put the kibosh on his new story being published. He’s pissed that TPIV isn’t selling and is grabbing names at random to … Continue reading

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Follow-up on the Deleted Shocklines Thread

Nickolas Cook shows up on TODP to explain the thread deletion. It’s interesting because Pacione has always been treated over there as “Golden Boy,” while many others have been banned for far lesser infractions. Oh, teh dramaz! WTF???????? Nickolas Cook … Continue reading

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Nicky Takes on Cook

Got this via a tip from JustAFriend (in comment #5). It’s out of context, from page 7, given the (current) eight-page length of the thread on Shocklines, but it’s classic Pacione. As always, Pacione is at his most hilarious when … Continue reading

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Another Author Paid

This is a week old.  Extra, extra!  Read all about it!  Pacione pays another author. We all realize that the reason he won’t say what magazine picked up his story is that he’s afraid someone will contact the editor about … Continue reading

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Condolences to Mr. Keene

I understand that Mr. Keene had to attend a funeral today. They really suck. My younger brother’s was less than three weeks ago, halfway across the country, deep in the Bible Belt. I was sitting in the front row, no … Continue reading

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More Gothicfest

So, Zippy the Pinhead sold a whopping two copies of TPIV. This is from his latest on Blogspot. I had managed to sell off all my Tabloid Purposes that I had at the event . . . I had just … Continue reading

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InternetsCourt Trial Number Two of Pacione

I’ve been following this “trial” over at LJ.  It’s comedy gold.  With the exception of dwerenat and Pacione, the players involved came to my attention when Nicky had his Xanga feed up at LJ, last spring.  Xanga shut down his … Continue reading

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Two New Blogroll Links

I find it a little a annoying that WordPress doesn’t allow java script in the widgets unless the blog is hosted somewhere other than at WordPress.  This means I can’t embed a dynamic list, and have to either add them … Continue reading

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