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Another Stab in the Dark

I saw this right before I left the office, but wasn’t about to miss my train at that time of night on a Friday to respond. It could wait until I got home. Are nothing in real life so they … Continue reading

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Copyright Violation

Isn’t reposting an article from Associated Content a violation of their copyright?  Found this on  It contains his hilarious video blog above the content he supposedly sold Associated Content.  Below is his introduction.  Notice that he’s now calling it … Continue reading

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Nicky the Martyr

Again, I have ExposeTheTard to thank for this gem of a profile for Mr. Pacione, dating back eight years, to when he was 24, and hot to trot, ladies. Only Pacione would use his profile to post a rant. The … Continue reading

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Like A Mailman

ExposeTheTard has some more archived material posted. I am in absolute awe at the material this person has collected over the years. Wednesday, February 21st, 2001 Negative 16 degrees Farenheight — colder than the beath of the spirits leaving their … Continue reading

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Stocking Them Up or Sticking Them Up?

It seems that Mr. Pacione is finally able to send out one more long-owed contributor copy of TPIV. Yes I will be doing one of those read posters for a couple libraries in the area here — one of them … Continue reading

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Mod Post

Mr. Pacione made a lengthy moderator post at the Goth community at LJ.  As the folks in LJ-land would say:  tl;dr.  He mentions Metallica and Napster and copyrights for the trillionth time.  Yet, he seems genuinely tickled that someone would … Continue reading

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Found this on Chicago_Gothic at LJ. It’s Alvin the Chipmunk, with a dozen marbles in his mouth, after inhaling helium. It’s a joke, but that doesn’t take away from the hilarity. tmctvtttth (tmctvtttth) wrote in chicago_gothic, @ 2007–11–28 07:41:00 An … Continue reading

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Mongolian Nicky

ExposeTheTard has a couple of new entries posted.  In this one, Mr. Pacione goes on forever about his mental illness.  The watermarked “artwork” accompanying the entry shows Asian Nicky, looking very distinctly Mongolian. This entry is devoted to Pacione’s correspondence … Continue reading

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Mr. Nice Drops A Turd

Between the time I left the office and arrived home, Mr. Pacione posted a new rant on his Blogspot. Wondering what the furor was about (topic du jour = Karen Koehler), I took a look at Covenhouse. Karen didn’t even … Continue reading

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What’s the Prize?

Mr. Pacione has a third call for nonfiction submissions posted on Goth at LJ.  He tells authors to let their imagination run away with them.  I’m still trying to figure out what the prize will be.  Conflicting text at various … Continue reading

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